What issues arose when louis xvi called the estates general in 1789

Why and how did it start? What were major events that t took place during it? How did it end? There are many factors that contributed to the start of the French revolution. The enlightenment is one of the major factors. The enlightenment was a time where people start deed to think for themselves and opinions started to form. Doing things for yourself f and forgetting the government was among the people. One of the questions that started to arise was, why are the aristocrats more privileged than everyone else?

The nobles and the clergy were the people among the higher classes. They didn’t have to pay taxes like the rest of the commoners. This question was arising among the people and would be one o f the leading causes to the French Revolution. At this time the black death had ended. Over population was starting to occur and increased by 6 million. Lei and his wife Marie bought m any luxuries; increasing their debt. To try and pay back this debt they had to produce a son . 7 years later they had a girl. UnTABLE to produce a son; Lei and Marie had a bad image and a bad public name for themselves.

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They were also in massive debt from supporting the American evolution by supplying them with money and other goods caused Lei to raise the taxes on goods such as bread. This outlawed everyone who had to pay taxes. The harsh win ere led to a terrible harvest, and an increased demand for food. The series of these man y long term problems led to the tennis court assembly . This was a place where the commoners and of the lower class grouped together and refused to disperse until the new French co institution was signed.

This would mark the beginning of the French Revolution Nectar was a man that was popular among the French, which made Lei jealous. Nectar was appointed the economic minister . There would be three estates, clergy, nobles, and everyone else . Each estate was allowed one vote. This made voting unfair because the third estate would always be outvoted by the absolute monarchy. This made t hem furious and led to the battle of Pastille , where they tore it down with their hands and captured the king. The declaration of the rights of men protected the rights of men. The second phase of the revolution was primarily what to do with the king.

The e decision was made that the king should be executed for treason . The new government oldest start, things couldn’t move forward until he was killed. He was killed along with his wife Maria for treason and insist. From there, death and terror took over the revolution. The public safety committee were the new dictators. For 9 long months anyone who was accused of counter revolutionary activities were executed. There were spies hidden a mongo the cities to find anyone who was the slightest bit unsure about the revolution. The consist tuition was suspended during this time.

A new leader arose out of the commoners that would be the new leader of the e French, Napoleon Napoleon was not accepted by other kings because he was not noble, but FRR mom the middle class. His rule wasn’t very long but very influential. His reign opened the e door for people of all classes to reach nobility. The napoleon code was established and became law of all Europe and Louisiana. All was going well in Napoleon’s leadership until he decided to invade Russia . He created the grand army that was the largest army in Europe. He put an embargo on Russia which meant that it would stop business/ contact with them.

Russia refused to sign so he attacked. When the Grand Army arrived at the borders o Russia, Russia instead of fighting back they retreated and burned down everything in the grand army path. They fought by Gorilla . They took away all of the army resources; they had no other decision then to return back. Losing 1 out of 20 men. When they returned back k to France there is a rebellion against Napoleon for making such a huge mistake. They decide to send him to a small remote island , while Lexis’s brother takes over power . Napoleon escapes the island and is captured in France.

The soldiers were ordered to shoot him but t hey refused. Napoleon lived as one of them and fought along their side. He eventually rage ins power. The troops of Prussia and GAB are both marching towards France. Using his tactics in the past, he decides to defeat one at a time. Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo . He is sent back too different island of SST Helena where he dies, and there is a controversy of weather he was poisoned or not. Closing the French revolution all Of the powers Of Europe meet in Vienna. ” Congress of Vienna ” They decide to help each other stay in power and rewind time back to late 1 sass.

All kingdoms would regain power and pretend revolution didn’t happen. The r estimation of Europe. Nobles were back in power and middle class had none. This was the end of the French Revolution. The enlightenment had a large part in shaping the modern mind . Took place in the 18th century . The most important idea was that natural science should be used to examine and understand all aspects of life . People stopped relying on faith to explain all the questions. It was an intellectual and cultural movement. A new generation came to belie eve that human mind is capTABLE of making great progress.

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