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Environmental impact on Marketing

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In recent times environmentalism has been the focus of much attention in Ireland. Issues such as conservation, recycling, pollution, waste management and organic and natural products have stirred much interest in the public arena. Political initiatives at European Union and Government level, competitive activity and changing market expectations all have a major effect on a wide range of marketing functions. As environmental pressures on producers and distributors increase, environmental marketing is becoming a much more pronounced responsibility. Environmental marketing includes a broad spectrum of activities, such as new product development and product modification, alterations to the manufacturing process, redesigning of packaging, as well as refining promotional material.

Some companies rely on an environmentally friendly image for their competitive success. Some element of ‘Green’ marketing is clearly visible in many consumer goods markets, with hundreds of everyday products claiming to be environmentally friendly.

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Environmental impact on Marketing
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Select one industry where environmental concerns have had an impact on marketing activities and assess the responses of the industry, at either producer or distributor level, to such concerns.

35 marksUsing primary research, investigate customers’ awareness and attitudes to these marketing activities. Your analysis should assess the relevance of these issues to customers’ buying behaviour. Have companies attempted to communicate this activity to their customers? Have these issues led to changes in product choice? Details of how the research project was designed and implemented are required.

As a result of your analysis, speculate on possible developments within this selected market. Identify potential marketing activities which may prove effective in the future for companies wishing to respond to increasing environmentalism.20 marksBibliography:

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Environmental impact on Marketing. (2019, Feb 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/environmental-impact-on-marketing/

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