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”Diplomacy” by Henry Kissinger, Ch.1-4 Summary Sample


Words: 608 (3 pages)

Kissinger begins his chef-d’oeuvre with a focal point on America and its journey through international political relations. He sees America as holding two different attacks to foreign policy ; One where America acts as a beacon. and the other where America acts as a missional. This function was non chosen by America. merely as the…

Diplomacy, Statecraft and War of Codevilla



Words: 315 (2 pages)

– Codevilla made a distinction between Diplomacy, Statecraft, and War. To what was he referring? When Codevilla made a distinction between diplomacy, statecraft and war, he was referring to studying history to help us better understand these words that are very often misinterpreted. It is only through studying history that helps us to understand the…

Article review & opinion: Diplomacy that Works: ‘Best Practices’ in Cultural Diplomacy


Words: 687 (3 pages)

The article Diplomacy that works: ‘Best practices’ in cultural diplomacy (Schneider, 2003) talks about the role that the arts can play in cultivating diplomatic ties and fostering long-term friendships between the United States and other nations. It speaks of utilizing aspects of culture in encouraging international relations to prosper (p.1). The author refers to the…

Summary of the vienna convention



International law

International Relations

National Security

Political science

Words: 1887 (8 pages)

Introduction The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 is a treaty which gives a framework that governs diplomatic relations among different independent states in the world. It was a milestone in strengthening inter-state relationships. Ratified by 187 countries (, the Convention specifies the privileges of a diplomatic mission that enable diplomats to perform their…

The Role of Diplomacy vs Force


Words: 1805 (8 pages)

            Historical episodes suggest that the use of military coercion as a means of political maneuvering not only diminishes the bargaining range and increases the risk of the very outcome (i.e., unwanted war) state leaders seek to avoid, but also is essentially equivalent to starting a war.  In fact, just as wars are typically preceded…

The Cold War and U. S. Diplomacy: the Truman Doctrine

Cold War


Words: 1884 (8 pages)

The Cold War and U. S. Diplomacy: The Truman Doctrine Ardell Simmons Professor Muhammad Sohna Politics 300 Friday, December 2, 2011 The Truman Doctrine: Contain the Expansion of Communism, Presumably Everywhere Summarize a situation that required U. S. diplomatic efforts during the president’s time in office. According to Woolsey (2008), “WWII had bled the British…

The XYZ Affair and the Quasi-War with France: A Diplomatic Crisis and Military Conflict



Words: 425 (2 pages)

Following the XYZ Affair, the US-France “quasi-war” had profound societal ramifications. The intricate military and diplomatic ties between the two administrations are examined in this article. This essay discusses the historical background and extensive consequences of these battles. Rivalry between the US and France in the late 18th century was stoked by trade, marine rights,…

Comparative Review



International security

National Security


Words: 690 (3 pages)

Sun Tsu composed what is now considered a historic treatise, The Art of War, some two millennia ago. Even though the world has changed vastly since then, his prescriptions on the purpose and conduct of war continue to have relevance. Despite the fact that modern wars are evolving quickly, Tsu’s descriptions of war as a…

Frequently Asked Questions about Diplomacy

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What are the 3 types of diplomacy?
In this article, we'll discuss the main functions of diplomacy, the role of a diplomat, and diplomatic immunity before thinking about some of the main types of diplomacy, including public, economic and cultural diplomacy. Read More:
What is diplomacy and why is it important?
The purpose of diplomacy is to strengthen the state, nation, or organization it serves in relation to others by advancing the interests in its charge. To this end, diplomatic activity endeavours to maximize a group's advantages without the risk and expense of using force and preferably without causing resentment.
What is diplomacy essay?
Diplomacy is the established method of influencing the decisions and behaviour of foreign governments and people. It is practiced and done through dialogue, negotiation, and other measures short of war or violence. Also, it is the principal substitute for the use of force or underhanded statecraft.
What is the concept of diplomacy?
Diplomacy is the art and science of maintaining peaceful relationships between nations, groups, or individuals. ... Often, diplomacy refers to representatives of different groups discussing such issues as conflict, trade, the environment, technology, or security.

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