Essay About Lying, Cheating or Exploding

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Anger can control my actions, and most of the time guides me to bad consequences. Thus, I will have patience, and I will not let anger controls my actions by lying, cheating, or outraging others. People usually face many harsh obstacles in their lives that cause losing hope and filled their lives with disappointment and misery.

Based on these events, they often act irrationally by lying, cheating, or exploding their anger toward others. Dealing with others is one of the most important things that we should pay attention to. Because all people have different nature, it is never easy to acquire the respect and appreciation of others, and in return it is very easy to lose all of that. If individual can provide a good relation when dealing with other, then this individual will achieve happiness in the first place, because he/she will have the love of others and their eagerness to have friendly relationship.

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There are many situations in which we lose tolerance, and it may be fleeting moments like a long waiting in line, waiting for a phone call, or waiting for important news and even an exam result. Sometimes, these situations develop feeling of distress and jitteriness, the feeling that a person is about to lose his temper and behaves negatively.

Whatever negativity individual behaves in such situations, will only bring embarrassment to him/her-self, and the anger will not change the situation. In the other hand, the situation is different if the same person is capable to tolerate or in other word to be patient. Patience may give the person discipline and get rid of boredom that leaks inside us while waiting. The meaning of being patient is that you are able to tolerate the negative results, any delays, or bad circumstances without feeling frustrated or nervous. It also means controlling your emotions, poignancies and rushing smoothly through a flood of difficult situations.

The patience benefits are reflected in different aspects of life, including; its role in reducing the levels of individual tension, and raise the level of happiness. A patient person is able to overcome his/her negative emotions and is more able to deal with difficult situations and conditions with ease and balance. Moreover, a patient person has the ability to make the best decisions, because he/she looks at the picture from its all different aspects, weighs out the negatives and positives for every step he/she takes. Also, a patient person is able to reduces the chances of error in any trouble, because he/she takes time to study and evaluate the situation.

Thus, everyone needs to have patience in every detail of daily life, from personal ends to practical life. Patience helps to develop understanding, compassion and sympathy. A patient person is more spontaneous and emotional with him/her-self and with others, and able to identify what it takes to overcome the obstacles, which makes him/her more able to understand others. As a result, this will reflect positively on the relationships with others in his/her private and practical life.

It is possible for an individual to develop the skill of patience through several methods, the most important ones are, to think of it as a goal and a positive prescription, to make concerted efforts, and to take time to think about everything that you do at every moment. First, thinking does not only mean filling the mind thought but pursuing and chasing every detail and focusing in it, in terms of decisions made, and making it routine daily. Second, developing patience requires daily exercise such as exercise, which first needs the effort before getting used to it.

Last but not least, the rush to do things and speed them up a bit unnaturally will not give you a good result. Instead, stop for a moment and take a deep breath before doing this. For example, if you are waiting in a long line, the line is crowded, the traffic is heavy, make a decision to stop, wait, and enjoy the view. Although this is difficult in this long line but think about it your impatience will not make your turn come quickly, so why burn yourself for no reason.

Before you make a specific step, study it carefully. This includes studying any statement or action before it is released. Imagine starting off by talking suddenly in a difficult situation, it may cause you to have unpleasant consequences. Being patience will prevent you from hurting others around you and embarrassing yourself.

The secret of patience is contentment, be consensual and satisfied, it is a balm. When you feel distress, anxiety, or nervous and you look at the depletion of your ability to the tolerance of more puts, you in a circle of danger. In this case, you are not required to think about your mental condition while you are out of patience because you become tense and unable to control your nerves.

Resist your anger slowly by focusing on something else. You will see that the time will end quickly depending on where you stand. Never look at the waiting time as a disaster, but an opportunity to think about different things that are not available to you at another time.

To sum up, prophet Mohammed said, “The strong man is not the one who is good at wrestling, rather, the strong man is the one who controls himself in a fit of rage”. Also, Allah (God) said, “Those who spend (freely), whether in prosperity, or in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men; for Allah loves those who do good”. (Holy Qura’an, verse-3, chpter-134).

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