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This class was my first lesson in speech that I ever took. I was also very anxious to take the course–I am not a very good writer and speaker. The first presentation I had given to a class was my informative speech. Due to my limited knowledge of English in high school, my teachers never pressured me to do a presentation. Often my high school teachers would just omit that part of my grade as they realized that I was still struggling with English. That’s why I was very nervous about giving my first speech. I think it is important for every student to do their best in class, and take a moment to evaluate their own work to determine the rate their writing and speaking is progressing and how they can continue to advance their writing and speaking.

For my introductory speech, there was a lot I had to think about. I have been practicing this speech for 2 hours on Tuesday the day before the speech day, and I try to remember everything because I thought that I have to remember every single word on my speech and say the same thing when I do my speech. I was very nervous because I thought I wouldn’t be able to remember all of my words. I have been using all the sources I can find to get more information about Thai dance, and of course, all of them are in Thai, so I have to translate from Thai to English, which I have to take more time on it. Also, I fix and rephrase this speech for 2 times just to get a better speech as much as I could. I asked for help from my friends, and she just point out where I should change and I should add. Which helps me a lot, sometimes ask help from friends can help you figure out what you miss.

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On my speech paper, I still need to fix on grammar to make this speech sound more interesting because I use a lot of simple words, if we talk about this class, it is good since many of the students that this class not really good at English, so I think it is better for them. But it is too simple for real speech speaking. On my speech paper I write from the most important part of Thai dance first to less important part, which I think it is very order to say, but when I speak in front of my class, I miss a lot to say from my speech paper, I said the same again and again for two or three times.

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