Women as subjects of hate speech: Hate Speech on Sexism

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Hate Speech had been notably restricted by the government to avoid later cases that may provoke sexual harassment, killing or accounted differences. On this part, women had been subjectively taken as the famous topic of such hate speeches and this offer the wide range of questioning how hate speech continue to take sexism as the major course of the offensive statements.

Hate Speech on Sexism

Hate Speech is classified as any defamatory words given to induce intimidation, offense or degradation with complete bias against people of other race, ethnic groups, gender, religion, nationality or any other distinctive groups. Sexism had been one of the most favored subjects of hate speeches, either it illustrates how women are much taken seriously by the society rather than the men or simply show how dominant men against women.

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Hate speech about sexism mostly tackles against women, for over the years women are taken to be submissive to men and therefore cannot take part or hold a stronger position in the society. Hate Speech as a medium or manifestation of sexism forms the attitude of misogyny (hatred for women) which until this part of the century had been labeled as one of the most disastrous issues on the world today.

Hate Speech on Women

Women, as what had been portrayed in history books, scholarly articles and informative medium of knowledge, are bound to be under or inferior to men. This false notion marks the start of using women as subject of hate speeches. Hate speech against women are one of the most insidious form of hate speech ever heard or used to make a disparity in the society. Allegedly, in this millennium, there had been several accounts of Hate Speech about women. Even though some had been brought to courts and legal action had been taken, there were still so many of these hate speeches that it cannot be bring to a halt even by the support groups, government or of the respective authorities. Hate speeches are even supported by some sexists groups and large massive body of cults, tribes, and assembly that see women as the messenger or spreader of sin.

With these, hate speech are widely distributed with the use of technology, media and other forms of communicative devices in which today many of us had been using for the sake of comfort and lifestyle. These mediums were as distinctive as they had become and become more when they brought controversial accounts of hate speech against women. Continued promotion and use of hate or harmful vocalizations in opposition to women are just wide proofs that even there had been speech codes and laws approved (First Amendment etc.), there is still no assurance that it can be impeded or stopped. As long as there are support groups that abnormally define women as enemies of the state and are eager to express their condemnation against women, such activities would continue and practiced.

Media as a medium for hate speech (against women)

Media is taken as the most easiest and accessible form of technology today. Media in form of television shows, websites, newspaper, blog sites and the other communicative tools that spread information and entertainment. Because of these, many had find media as the most possible medium that may support hate speeches. An example of these is the television shows that condemn feminist groups or women of different race or culture.

Aside from the fact that these television shows offers vulgar hate speeches against women, there are still websites and blog sites that are open for pornography that take women as their victims. Although local authorities tried to punish and track down the people behind these ‘attacks’ against women, there was still a vague perception on the chances that they (celebrities omitting hate speeches on TV shows, bloggers or owners of these sites) can be castigated with such offenses.

Examples of Hate Speech against women

Hate speeches are either coincidentally spoken out of notice or purely mean to say it even in public or private situations or medium. One example of hate speech that has been attributed to women is “If a man can satisfy four women at the same time, then good for him.”
(Yaish ben Yahia, 2000).

In this statement, we can clearly see how women are seen just as sex slaves or for enjoyment as sex objects. The harm in this statement is that there had been an injustice on how women are taken not as a part of the society and how women are in use as for merely the sake of lust satisfaction. Another example or rather a program that promotes hate speech is that of the OKC radio station 94.7 FM’s “MO Radio Show” (6-10am weekdays) of DJ Bryan “MO” Modzelweski.

It is on June 29, 2005 that he (DJ MO) had asked his listeners a poll for this question that they, the listeners, would prefer “beat a woman than to be a woman or wake up one morning after having gay sex”. Many of his listeners called and had said that he “well choose to beat a woman rather than to be one”. Another caller had chosen the same choice adding the reason that he “can think of reasons to beat a woman but couldn’t think of reason to have gay sex”.

These comments may happen to be out of coincidence because of the painstaking reason to answer the question but what matter most in this situation is that the host or the man behind the program (Modzelweski) has made the invoking act for the society to comment against not only for women but also for gays. He, Modzelweski, had demand the situation that his listeners to think against women in this situation.


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