Theories Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication

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The intent of this paper is to show how teambuilding, leading, and communicating have an consequence on an organisation. The organisation that was studied for this essay is The College Board.

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Theories of Leadership and signifiers of power

Leadership has a batch of diverse theories from the modern-day, traditional and to the emerging theory. “In organisations Leadership is the class of directing and steering the behavior of people in the environment of work.” ( Nelson and Quick p. 193 ) The behavioural theory is a conventional theory that identifies people with leading manners. The three behavioural manners are democratic, bossy, and laissaz-faire. Democratic leaders work together with employees and carry employees to join forces.

The democratic leading manner lets followings to speak about any factors that will command positive determinations. Followings have an enhanced perceptive of how and why determinations are prepared. If fans feel that their positions affair so they are extra expected to commend to the reasoning determination yet if they perchance will non agree with it. Autocratic manner of leading is when a director has complete authorization or power above their employees. The bossy leader perchance will do usage of bullying or coercion to achieve their ends. A figure of military leaders may do usage of the bossy manner of leading. Individualistic leading manner is lone that has no reliable authorization in supervising of followings. Directors on the whole Lashkar-e-Taiba employees do what they desire and this typically beginnings confusion in the workplace.

The individualistic leader has no reliable control above what goes on about them. The modern-day theory employs the web of leading to separate what kind of director an person is. It is fundamentally has two surfaces to the web on one face it recognize the hurt for people transporting the work and concern for consequences. The emerging leading theories are the inspirational leading and leader-member exchange ( LMX ) . The LMX theory demonstrates two diverse groups that subsist in an organisation the out-groups and the in-group. The out-groups are simply what it echoes like, they are the foreigners. The in-groups be inclined to acknowledge with the leader since they have comparable properties as the leader. The in-group leaders are inclined to go the people of the out-group out and back up the people in-group. The followings In the Inspirational leading are seeking out to the leader for inspiration in making sound occupations.

There are five diverse constructions of powers of interpersonal to size up. The five diverse constructions of power that are used by directors are coercive, reward, legitimate, adept and referent. Coercive power is employed as a agency to punish an employee consecutively to acquire the needful behaviour. Employees typically do what is necessitated of them out of terror of what perchance will happen if they do non conform. Managers perchance will keep back publicities and pay rises or vocally abuse employees. Reward power is power that permits directors to compensate employees for definite desired behaviours.

Directors make usage of this signifier of power when they want to act upon an employ to execute better. Legitimate power is the power that a leader has owing to their topographic point in an organisation. A leader is merely diverse from a follower since they have extra answerability so the follower. Expert power is when an person is competent of commanding others in the organisation by holding a figure of adept familiarities in their field. These leaders are deemed capable affair experts and the followings esteem their recommendations and sentiments. Referent power occurs when the followings seek out at the leader as person who has the traits that they admire and would akin to hold.

Ideal leader Profile

The College Board ideal leader would be person who acquires a manner of democratic leading and has both adept and referent power. Companies with well-built trade names of leading generate profound grapevines of gifted executives and directors and habitually profit from a separate competitory edge.” ( Ulrich and Smallwood ( 2009 ) p.32 ) The College Board has legion diverse parts that they attempt with and they require to be adept to hold that coaction and unfastened communicating with their employees.

Technology is cultivating at a fast gait and the College Board requires to hold public that can hold an accomplishments and be familiar with that their thoughts affair. The College Board is accountable for bring forthing beforehand arrangement trials, the SATs, and college degree trials [ College Board Online ( 2008 ) As engineering cultivates as a consequence will the agencies that they manage trials and hit the trials. They require to hold an unlock conversation with employees to incorporate new thoughts. The ideal leader as good requires holding adept and referent power consecutively to be esteemed and taken as a leader earnestly. The leader requires holding the followers’ feel like their demands are run intoing. The leader every bit good requires to be earnestly taken by being a specializer in that exact field. The followings will transport out what is anticipated of them if they recognize they can hold belief the leader to rede them the right thing.

Organizational stressors and work demands

The College Board has a batch of demands of work that comprise function, undertaking, physical and interpersonal, demands. The College Board since is a world-wide company this can direct to legion undertaking demands. These undertaking demands comprise seting to alter and the force per unit area that approaches with it. As the organisation grows so do the demands of plants and for sometimes cut back occurs. This can direct to making excess work with fewer people. A figure of the agencies that can diminish the emphasis are prioritising undertakings, clip direction, and in add-on direction being engaged with helping to administrate the emphasis.

The College Board in position of the fact that has places that are simply impermanent this can direct to certain function demands. They use people provisionally to prolong with the extra work that approaches all through the demanding school twelvemonth. Impermanent employees can incident ambiguity of function when they are simply employed for a little period of clip. They perchance will non to the full acknowledge what is anticipated of them or how to execute the occupation good since the acquisition curve has to be instant. The means to diminish the emphasis that approaches with ambiguity of function is to precisely sketch what this single requires to make on an every twenty-four hours footing.

Include a checklist that the impermanent employee can mention to if they get misplaced. There are invariably diverse interpersonal demands in the topographic point of work. Peoples require experiencing like they can depend in the company on the leading and have that belief be mutual. The College Board Since is a world-wide administration this can direct to physical demands. The member of staffs could hold to tour a batch and that places a batch of emphasis on the organic structure. The College Board is every bit good accountable for the SAT and the maintaining count of it. This can direct to public naming and protesting sing any affairs with the SAT or the tonss they obtained which can beginning mental force per unit area on the employee. They can diminish the emphasis that travel topographic points on employees by allowing times of remainder in among going.

Critical elements in finding the stairss for an effectual group and work squad public presentation

There are diverse critical elements in arranging the stairss for an effective group and public presentation of work squad inside The College Board. The College Board is a world-wide organisation and accordingly they attempt with a varied group of people. This can direct to effective public presentation in the topographic point of work since everybody fetches new thoughts to the tabular array. The varied group is in add-on able to discourse extra efficaciously by using one person for that topographic point. They can work together on all the diverse undertakings and bring a broader point of view to the group. In position of the fact that they are so varied so they can hold person who can take part the devil’s advocator and show the farther side of thoughts.

Potential struggles and struggle direction

The College Board in position of the fact that is such a varied organisation this can in add-on direct to a figure of struggles. Communication can be deemed a construction of struggle for this organisation since of barriers of linguistic communication. Cultural differences besides may possibly direct to a figure of struggle since people may non hold the same sentiment on what is deemed ethical. This perchance will every bit good direct to people upsetting person even if they don’t mean to since somewhat may be awful in their civilization. There are five diverse manners of struggle direction that can help to cover with definite struggles that take topographic point. The five diverse manners are suiting, avoiding, compromising, viing, and join forcesing.

The suiting manner is when one person is typically distressed for the extra individual accomplishing their aims. This kind of individual in actuality does non care sing their single ends. If one person is incorrect so the manner of suiting may work best to allow the other individual to accomplish their ends. The manner of avoiding is simply like it sounds to eschew the struggle and anticipate that it attempts itself out. For a pieces non acquiring engaged can help to decide a struggle since no 1 else is taking sides and making the struggle worse. The compromising manner is when the two parties approach to a joint understanding by giving up a spot. Both parties in these state of affairss may near to a impermanent determination to congregate the on the whole ends.

The viing manner is one where a individual is simply concerned with their single well-being and ends. They endeavor to postulate with other employees consecutively to set up and seek who is superior at a undertaking. This sort of manner would be most first-class if employed in an exigency kind of state of affairs. Leadership may necessitate person who is competitory to build rapid determinations. The collaborating manner is when each individual is engaged in finding the struggle by discoursing it and nearing to a solution. This manner is most first-class used when both parties can take a place and nervelessly speak about the struggle and attack to a common solution.

The manners that will work most first-class for The College Board are join forcesing and suiting. The join forcesing manner will work good since reciprocally parties can bring a diverse solution to the tabular array and come to a common understanding. The accommodative manner would might work good in a figure of fortunes where a person might be offended by an extra since of cultural differences. The single making the affronting can suit the extra individual since they recognize they are incorrect.

Barriers of Communication and ways to avoid them

The communicating possible barriers are linguistic communication and cultural diverseness. It might be harder for one individual to be able to pass on with leading because of cultural differences. One person might talk slightly to person who is acquainted with English other than their chief place linguistic communication is German and it might non acquire intersections in the similar manner that it was proposed. In add-on words do non for all clip denote the similar thing to diverse people. One civilization may detect that it is impolite to be in resistance to with the director so they do non speak how they feel.

In add-on linguistic communication can build it difficult to discourse with farther people. The agencies that directors can maintain off from these prospective barriers is to hold some preparation in place to help everyone acknowledge how to pass on with public from diverse backgrounds. Teach civility to everybody in the workplace [ Russell ( 2012 ) ] . Tender preparation on good quality manners and ways to show esteem to co-workers. Have the leaders at the house commencement the preparation to show their dedication to it.” It is every bit good important for people to do usage of simple and consecutive linguistic communication to pass on with public who don’t speak English as a primary linguistic communication. There in add-on requires to be several sensitiveness briefings on cultural disparities.


On the whole it is imperative for leaders to have the type of manners that try to be most first-class for their organisation. They necessitate sing what sort of power is traveling to ensemble the company consecutively to set up a incorporate work environment. Directors require concentrating on squad edifice and concentrating on diverse ways to find struggles that arise. It is every bit good of import for directors to break up down the communicating barriers that detach people and work to convey everybody together.


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