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assignment to kill a mockingbird

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    In order to successfully carry out this portion of the three-stage model, a counselor must possess certain skills. “First attending behavior is very important when attempting to build good understanding with a client” (Mental health academy. 2015). Attending behavior includes good eye contact, attentive body language and vocal style. It is also important to know that the concept of good attending behavior could vary slightly in regard to cultural differences.

    In order to be a successful counselor when using the BBC model, it is also important to eave knowledge of cultural sensitivity (Kane, 2007). Another important skill a counselor must possess is the ability of how to appropriately ask questions. Most often in this model, it is important to use open-ended questions in order to understand the most information about the precipitating event. Questions beginning with “what” or “how’ are most effective in this case. The counselors ability to restate what the clients answer to the questions are.

    In the second stage, I will identify the problem’s the client presents by identifying the precipitating event, Recognize the meaning of the vent, subjective distress and functioning level, understand the clients thoughts and feelings, make ethical check, substance abuse issues, and finally I will use therapeutic Interactions. In order to identify the problem I will ask “Open-ended questions to determine what is going on. I will listen and interrupt everything the client is saying”. (Mental health academy. 2015) As human service worker we need to give coping skills and help the client identify their issue.

    Is there a different way you could look at the situation, airframe the way the client looks at their issue? Something drove the client to seek help so nothing is ever the problem. Some questions the crisis worker may ask to recognize the meanings are: “How do you put it together in your header “What do you think about this? ‘ “What does it mean to you that….? ” (Kane, 2007. PEG. 83) Counselors should ask how the clients’ perceptions about the precipitating event are affecting their functioning in each area. Some ethical things you need to be aware of in the second stage are suicide check, Homicidal/abuse issues, and any other concerns. A suicide check is because people in a crisis are vulnerable and often confused ND overwhelmed, suicide sometimes becomes an alternative for them. ” (Kane, 2007. PEG. 84) Homicidal issues are required when any suspicion of child and elderly abuse has occurred. If a client reports any type of abuse it is required that the counselor has to report what they have heard. “Crisis worker should assess for medication compliance these cases and encourage noncompliance clients to continue with prescribed (Kane’, 2007. PEG. 85) Coping is the last step of the BBC model of intervention.

    In order to help the client cope with his or her situation wrought preventive techniques, I will change the clients mind towards his or her situation. Helping the client to cope is helping them manage there problem, help them to meet their goals they want to meet and look at the strengths the client presents. The Human Service worker should continue reminding the client of the positive thing in there life. “Clients are more likely to follow through with a plan they have developed themselves than with one suggested by the Kane, 2007. PEG. 89) When the client has no more suggestion then the counselor could give their opinion.

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