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Exploration of deforestation

Amazon rainforest


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This AS Geography Report explores deforestation. Why does deforestation occur? What areas of the world suffer from deforestation? What are the main reasons? Why is deforestation a cause of conflict between many groups of people? These questions and more are answered in this report.Deforestation is the removal of large areas of forest in order to…

The On Amazon Rainforest


Amazon rainforest

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The world’s greatest natural resource, yet still it is being destroyed just like other rainforests around the world. Rainforests are being destroyed worldwide for the resources they have; timber, cattle, agriculture, and subsistence cropping by rainforest inhabitants.Many of the local land owners farm deforested land for about two years until the unfertile soil goes barren….

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What are 3 reasons why the Amazon rainforest is important?
Rainforests are often called the lungs of the planet for their role in absorbing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and increasing local humidity. Rainforests also stabilize climate, house incredible amounts of plants and wildlife, and produce nourishing rainfall all around the planet.
What can you write about the Amazon rainforest?
The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest in the world. It grows in the tropical basin of the Amazon River. The forest lies in a basin drained largely by the Amazon River, with 1100 tributaries. It is a moist broadleaf forest which covers seven million square kilometers (1.7 billion acres).
What is a rainforest essay?
Rainforests are dense jungles found close to the equator and they are thought to be the oldest ecosystem on Earth. As the name implies, rainforests receive high volumes of at least 80 inches of rainfall every year. The rainforest has some of the largest rivers in the world due to the immense amount of rainfall.
Why is the Amazon rainforests important essay?
The Amazon rainforest plays an important part in regulating the world's oxygen and carbon cycles. It produces roughly 6 percent of the world's oxygen and has long been thought to act as a carbon sink, meaning it readily absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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