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Fear no more the heat of the sun Analysis



Words: 657 (3 pages)

‘Fear no more the heat of th sun’ ‘Fear no more the heat of th sun’ from the play Cymbeline was written in 1608. The song presents a unique vision and interpretation of death. Thesis Shakespeare uses settings of nature and everyday life, contrast and comparison methods to unveil the theme of death and the…

Fahrenheit 451 theme


Fahrenheit 451

Words: 1042 (5 pages)

In Fahrenheit 451 there is a community in the future that is not allowed to read books. Books are banned in the community as” illegal” because books give people theory and thought and could make people or the community go insane. People called “firemen” burn any books, instantly, that have been seen or reported, including…

Instant Gratification



Words: 303 (2 pages)

Chow, Charlene Instant Gratification and Apathy do not think that instant gratification causes apathy. In The Brave New World , the citizens of the World State take soma in order to break free from the worries of the society and to satisfy their need for pleasure. This causes the people to be vulnerable to who…

An Explication of Frank O’Connor’s “First Confession” Analysis



Words: 1446 (6 pages)

Religious dogma and its customs are so fixed in stone that the practice of such is not open to question. A pious person simply follows the established traditions of his church on account of pure faith and belief.  The same blind adherence is true with a young and innocent child or perhaps even more so….

Debate on the Explicit Knowledge of the Voting Public



Words: 1771 (8 pages)

Are Voters Fools? Throughout the twentieth century there has been a large debate on the explicit knowledge of the voting public. As unfortunate as it may seem, the political scientists and theorists of our nation have not placed much belief in the knowledge of these people. The voters of America have been criticized in studies…

Frequently Asked Questions about Apathy

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How is apathy present in our world?
Apathy can be seen every day by people everywhere, just by going to school, by reading the newspaper, or listening to the news. Apathy is evident in how young people treat each other in their schools and neighborhoods.
Is apathy a problem?
Apathy is when you lack motivation to do anything or just don't care about what's going on around you. Apathy can be a symptom of mental health problems, Parkinson's disease, or Alzheimer's disease. It often lasts a long time.
What is apathy in society?
It is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, or passion. An apathetic individual has an absence of interest in or concern about emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical, virtual, or physical life and the world.

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