Instant Gratification Essay

Chow, Charlene Instant Gratification and Apathy do not think that instant gratification causes apathy. In The Brave New World , the citizens of the World State take soma in order to break free from the worries of the society and to satisfy their need for pleasure. This causes the people to be vulnerable to who dafter ideals the government wants them to believe. They do not have any original ideas because SE whatever capacity is left in their minds are filled with the thoughts the government Choc sees.

They are apathetic towards everything except ways to feel pleasure.

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With the invention of smartness and being able to have whatever you want at your fingertips, it is hard to think of a life without instant gratification. However, we have everything except for apathy. Now, more than ever, it is apparent that people are using t his technology to find what they care about and their passion. More and more students want to major in engineering.

Unlike , we are able to find our passion. Know that I’m guilty of overusing my smartened. Vie noticed that I have a h bait of just looking at my screen for no reason.

In my mind I would think that I’m checking g the time, but I’ve noticed that right after looking at the screen, I hadn’t checked the time. Just 10 going at it gives me a sense of security. Although I consider my smartened as an important part of my life, I still care about things even after I get the satisfaction of looking at my screen. I ha eve passions for cooking, working with children, and beauty. Although we have such easy ace as to everything, we do not let that take so much control over our lives that we stop caring ABA UT the more important things.

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