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Working Capital Structures and Components of Google and Oracle


Words: 888 (4 pages)

Working Capital Abstract In this paper I’ll analyze the fundamental differences between the working capital structures and components for Google and Oracle, and speculate upon the main reasons why such differences exist; how each company could improve its working capital positions. As a Wall Street Analyst who has to recommend one of the companies as…

Capital Justification



Words: 901 (4 pages)

Capital Purchase Justification Introduction According to the hospital’s five-year plan, an investment in capital equipment should boost the quality of services offered at the hospital. Many options of capital investments that hospital could invest in exist. However, this report recommends an investment in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment. This equipment involves a large capital…

Markowitz and capital asset pricing


Words: 1038 (5 pages)

Markowitz model This model is used to trace locus and identify the portfolios. It used quadratic programming where a number of securities not less than two are calculates in consideration of their expected returns and risks. This method assists in identifying in calculating the expected value of return of least risk portfolio. All portfolios that…

Advantages of hire purchase


Words: 670 (3 pages)

Business strategies should focus on four main elements of organizations that include people, product, customers and processes. The business strategy of Ford Motors Company can be aligned with human resource management for it to obtain the results that it is trying to attain. In order for Ford Motors to align its business strategy with human…

Raising Capital in The U.S. Market


Words: 1043 (5 pages)

Raising Capital 1. The U.S. market has been marked as a land of opportunities and capital markets have been considered as a way of realizing those opportunities. However, the current U.S. capital market crisis fueled up by a series of events in the U.S. housing and financial markets is causing a panic for stock holders…

Case Analysis on Capital Structure Pioneer Petroleum


Petroleum Industry


Words: 4318 (18 pages)

Introduction: This landmark instance seeks to interrupt the risk-reward trade off involved in ciphering Capital Cost. The object of the solution must be to minimise undertaking hazards while maximising undertaking chances available. We want a rate and a evaluation system that does non unnecessarily reject “the best available undertakings – i. e. highest net positive…

Malaysia Company Law – Share Capital



Words: 3814 (16 pages)

Share capital Introduction A public company can acquire funding by offering or inviting the public to subscribe to its securities (shares). A company limited by shares issues and allots shares to a shareholder in return for capital. This called share or equity capital. Capital structure Authorized Share Capital Meaning of authorized and issued capital: S18(1)(c)…

Tax preferences theory and capital structure theory


Words: 2676 (11 pages)

Section D Section D Introduction: At the point when an organisation procures benefits from operations, disposal can make one of two things with those benefits. It can make up one’s mind to keep them – fundamentally reinvesting them into the organisation with the trust of doing more benefits and hence farther stock grasp. The option…

Capitalism: The Most Successful Social Means


Words: 355 (2 pages)

For the past six hundred years a culture and a society, dedicated for the most part to developmentand trade as the ultimate source of well being, began to expand all over the world. In a greatnumber of ways this development, capitalism, became the most successful culture and societyCapitalism ascended as a successful social means. It…

Working Capital Management in Iocl



Words: 8189 (33 pages)

IOCL – An Overview Indian Oil is India’s flagship national oil company with business interests straddling the entire hydrocarbon value chain – from refining, pipeline transportation and marketing of petroleum products to natural gas and petrochemicals. It is the leading Indian corporate in the Fortune ‘Global 500′ listing, ranked at 98 by sales turnover for…

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