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Conservation Challenges


Words: 802 (4 pages)

QUESTIONS 1.         For me, the rules are fair to the tourists. They are the visitors and thus, whatever rules the Galapagos tourism agency laid down, they must follow it. Not taking any food to the uninhabited islands and not transporting any live material to the islands or from island to island are logical rules….

Mentally Challenged


Words: 571 (3 pages)

People who are mentally challenged face criticism and judgment. Others often perceive them as physically disabled or mentally retarded, believing they cannot perform tasks at the same level as an average person. Their thought processes are slower, making thinking, reacting, and learning more difficult for them. They encounter challenges in areas such as sports, construction,…

What Is Good Corporate Governance?


Words: 293 (2 pages)

Good corporate governance is characterized by a firm commitment and adoption of ethical practices by an organization across its entire value chain and in all of its dealings with a wide group of stakeholders encompassing employees, customers, vendors, regulators and shareholders (including the minority shareholders), in both good and bad times. To achieve this, certain…

Research Challenges and Benefits


Words: 488 (2 pages)

Research Challenges and Benefits When reading claims in a newspaper or magazine that seem to be unsubstantiated I often get irritated. I strongly believe that writers are and should be responsible for what they are putting in writing. They should make sure, that information given to readers are true and reliable. I have such a…

Bhutanese Refugee in Nepal: Problems and Challenges


Words: 9212 (37 pages)

Refugee problem is seen as a world wide problem in 21st century. Due to various reasons (civil war, growing population, natural disaster, migration etc. ) this kind of problem has been arising. At first it is important to know who refugees are. The issue of refugee and asylum is not new. Refugee phenomenon is old…

My Perspective in Life, Background and Life Experiences


Words: 529 (3 pages)

Where do you live? What are your everyday activities? Where do you go? What have you overlooked? Discover something new within your familiar surroundings and daily life; this might be an object, event, activity, or location. #1 My perspective in life stems from my background and life experiences.  I was born and raised in the…

Youth and the Challenges of the Modern World



Words: 987 (4 pages)

For a discourse as this, it is pertinent to define who a youth is. There are several varying opinions concerning this matter as different definitions exist. In Africa, like developed countries, nations draw a line on youth at the age at which a person is given equal treatment under the law. This age is often…

Challenges of a Pastry Chef


Words: 1011 (5 pages)

Challenges of a pastry Chef Being such a fast-paced industry, there is no doubt that there are challenges that will lie ahead for those who seek professions in the food service industry. This, of course, means pastry chefs are no exception. The title of a pastry chef means preparing an array of desserts including, but…

Challenges Facing the Textile Industry in Lesotho


Textile Industry

Words: 558 (3 pages)

Lesotho is a kingdom situated in the mountains and is surrounded by South Africa on all of its sides. This village being traditional in its roots, where its inhabitants and its economy mainly depended on three industries for their sustenance. Agriculture, mining and textiles making up most of the economy. When it came to the…

The Challenges of Evolving and Developing Indigenous Management Theories and



Words: 6431 (26 pages)

ABSTRACT The evolution and development of indigenous management theories and practices in Africa has been seriously affected and retarded by colonialism. The colonial administration introduced western management theories and practices, considered as the drivers and the panacea for the continent’s socio-politico-economic development. Western scholarship and literature generally devalued and deprecated the astonishing management prowess and…

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