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Leading Change by John Kotter


Words: 2870 (12 pages)

The world we live in keeps on changing at an intense rate. This rate of change challenges our individual ability to keep up with it. Organizations are forced to change faster and more radically than ever. The organizations we work in are changing dramatically, in terms of their strategies, their structures, their systems, their boundaries…

Spatial and Temporal Landuse Change and Urban Sprawl of Ranchi, India



Words: 2986 (12 pages)

Introduction: Urban growing or urban conurbation is a spacial moral force phenomenon that indicates population growing, economic enlargement, big graduated table migration, metropolis importance etc. Urban conurbation has become a singular feature of urban development worldwide in the last few decennaries [ MGA1 ] . In developing states like India conurbation is taking its toll…

Leadership in context of change management


Change Management


Words: 10307 (42 pages)

AbstractToday the world has become a global village and markets have expanded to the extent that now firms are competing on a global level. This on one has provided firms with a massive opportunity and on the other hand it also demands more hard-work and effort from the workers. The challenge therefore is how to…

One Word Changed Over Time NIgger


Words: 1451 (6 pages)

“My niggas. Some niggas that you don’t wanna try. My niggas. Some niggas that’s really do or die. My niggas. Ain’t no longer living a lie. My niggas is stong. My niggas is real.” Does this artist use the word nigger in the same way that racists have and still are? The answer to this…

McClelland’s Needs and Mine


Organizational Behavior

Psychological theories


Scientific method

Words: 370 (2 pages)

The three need theory of David McClelland tries to explain why people behave the way they do. The theory basically says that individual’s are motivated to work because they have to satisfy their needs for achievement, affiliation and power (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Applying this theory to myself, I found that as a person I…

Enthalpy change of reaction


Words: 1553 (7 pages)

Introduction: Thermochemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies the energy and heat associated with chemical reactions and/or physical transformations. A reaction may release or absorb energy, and a phase may change, such as in melting and boiling. Thermochemistry focuses on these energy changes, particularly on the system’s energy exchange with its surroundings. In combination…

Two Women, Two Views: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Making a Change”


The Yellow Wallpaper

Words: 1910 (8 pages)

Through her stories, “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Making a Change,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman portrays two contrasting views of women in similarly restrictive circumstances. Both the women are young mothers with creative talents that are being squelched by their husbands and families. The difference lies in what the two women do within these contexts. While one…

Cognitive Changes in Midlife


Words: 525 (3 pages)

Abstract Cognition is a subject of broad scope and spans extensive discussion of its principles, methodologies and analytical agencies. This paper entitled, “Cognitive Changes in Mid-Adulthood”, as the title implies, deals specifically with cognitive changes of individuals age 40 to 59. This paper is not intended as a complete reference on the subject but rather…

Cognitive Changes in Middle Adulthood


Words: 343 (2 pages)

During middle adulthood, there are several cognitive changes that take place. Allow me to discuss two here. Also, please permit me state how such changes affect either work or family relationships. The first one is sexual functioning (Kin et. al., 1997). According to research, “in the maintenance of cell division, circulation, and nerve transmission, imbalance…

Climate Change Article Critique


Climate Change

Words: 385 (2 pages)

Article Prabhakar, S. et al. (2008). Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: need, opportunities and challenges. London: Springer Science Issues There are times when people just get into doing things even before they fully understand what they are supposed to do. This usually has very great negative effects if the activity had…

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