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Key Tips on Starting and Running a Successful Business




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Every business started out as an idea. It takes dedicated people to turn those ideas into reality. Entrepreneurs dedicate their money, time, and hard work into their business. Most entrepreneurs run the risk of being in great debt if their business is not a success. People who take the risk of starting and managing a…

Recommended 9-step Approach to Writing Assignments




Words: 2480 (10 pages)

INTRODUCTION The following provides a recommended nine-step approach to writing assignments. It is strongly recommended that you follow these steps in sequential order in order to address your assignment requirements. 1. Read, understand and address the assignment question Carefully read the assignment question and make sure you understand clearly what is being asked. Your submission…

Article copywriting




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Trade Ivoire is a company that provides effective information online, focusing on investment opportunities and trade that may occur between two or companies. The company also helps professionals and individuals in their quest of financial development and economic upheaval. These include Policy makers, Cooperatives, Entrepreneurs, Capitalsits, Investors, NGO’s, and even trade associations. In addition to…

Entrepreneurship Essay


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This portfolio releases findings of an analysis carried out on my personal abilities, accomplishments, capableness and experience to put up a concern and besides an analysis of the assorted trials that I undertook and the lessons learnt from the reappraisal. Furthermore an designation of strengths and failings identified in ( 1. 1 ) and (…

Being Your Own Boss




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Being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibility and isn’t just about taking a break whenever you want to. You have to look at the reality of what being your own boss entails, and not just focus on the glamorous thoughts of freedom. Clear objectives are the key – personal as well as…

Idea Generation Process- Entrepreneurship


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Idea Generation Process For NANO: “The People’s Car” AND NIKE : “Just Do it” Stages of Idea Generation Process Idea Generation Idea Screening Concept Development and Testing Marketing Strategy Business Analysis Product Development Test Marketing Commercialization Concept Screening* Test Marketing* Opportunity Identification Idea Generation Concept Development Product Development Positioning Development Commercial-ization *”Stage Gates” Marketing Plan…

International Business Assignment

Business Process


Marketing Strategy


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In addition to which, the threats of thefts and vandalism of expensive equipment at these sites were also challenges facing Celt, the second largest mobile telecommunication company in Nigeria in 2007. The company was unable to raise awareness about their shift using conventional marketing strategies such as billboards as they were stolen, recycled or reused….

Pret a Manger Project





Strategic Management

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Some information were easy to find, while others not so easy. We divided the work between us, because we thought that this way each member will be more efficient. Of course, you drown our attention that the report should be a whole and all parts should be in harmony. We tried to harmonize our work…

The Saloman Principle

Business Law




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DRAFT Chapter 2. The Salomon principle Introduction In the previous chapter we considered how the modern company grew of out of the law on unincorporated associations, how it used ideas long identified with town corporations created by Royal Charter, how it evolved from the joint stock company, and how shareholders in companies were granted limited…

Theories And Practice Of Entrepreneurship



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Entrepreneurship covers three chief constructs, which are people, organisation and environment. These constructs are closely linked to the each other. There are literally tonss of different definitions of enterpriser and the account of entrepreneurship. Harmonizing to ( Kuratoko, 2009 ) , Entrepreneur can be defined as “ an pioneer or developer who recognizes and seizes…

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What is entrepreneur essay?
Entrepreneurs are those who manage and organise the risk of an enterprise. ... He is capable of evaluating business opportunities and gathering the resources needed to take them advantage. Entrepreneurship is linked to innovation.
What is entrepreneurship in your own words essay?
Entrepreneurship, taken in a broad sense, is the act of a person (Person) to set up his business. It is a creative or innovative response to the world around you. Entrepreneurship can best be described as a creative, innovative response to the environmental conditions.
What is the importance of entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship has many benefits. It can increase living standards and create wealth for both entrepreneurs and related businesses. Entrepreneurs can also drive innovation by introducing new products and markets.

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