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The Ascending Cost of College Tuition in America

College Tuition

Words: 1059 (5 pages)

Over the past two decades, the cost of a college education in the United States has significantly increased. Both public and private institutions have seen tuition fees more than double. This rise in costs is causing concern among American families as it affects the affordability of higher education, which is crucial for students seeking a…

The Rising Cost of College Tuition in America

College Tuition

Words: 778 (4 pages)

Today, a great issue lies ahead of us; a great issue that we will face in the near future. Our journey into college begins in a few years and the problem that we see in the distance affects some people more than others. The tuition prices of colleges have risen greatly over the previous 20…

A Personal Account of Having Difficulties with Paying College Tuition

College Tuition

Words: 775 (4 pages)

When my father was my age he had already worked 8 jobs. When he went to college, he used to trudge uphill in the snow at 3am to go work at the factory, and then, even more amazingly, trudge uphill back at 8am in time to catch the bus to his University. The man was…

An Overview of the Effects of Overly Expensive College Tuition in the United States

College Tuition

Words: 842 (4 pages)

Overly expensive College Tuition taking away opportunities from students. Nearly 30 years ago the average college tuition for a student at a University was relatively around $6,285 for room, board, and tuition. Today the average tuition is $32,000. Why isn’t this still offered today? What has made college tuition grow to be so expensive today?…

College Tuition Fees Should Be Equal to University Tuition Fees

College Tuition

Words: 975 (4 pages)

What are cegeps? Cegeps are publicly funded educational institutions that provide general and vocational education. They offer two year and three year specialized career programs graduates may pursue further studies at university. There is barely any tuition fees for cegeps, inexpensive fees for all students to cover materials, activities and administrative costs. Therefore students take…

The Reasons for the Increase of College Tuition

College Tuition

Words: 508 (3 pages)

College tuition soars, but aid grows along with it, students are paying up to 9% more to attend school. It is said that the lifetime earnings of a college graduate is at 1 million more than the overall earnings of someone with only a high school diploma. So in the end something good is coming…

For-profit College


College Tuition

Is college worth it

Words: 1546 (7 pages)

Going to college is hard enough, so why are some students choosing to go into $100,000 dollars of debt to attend certain schools? My significant other decided to attend a for-profit school called Neumont College of Computer Science- a smaller, niche, for-profit school. Was the over $100,000 of debt he will accumulate by his graduation…

Frequently Asked Questions about College Tuition

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Is college tuition becoming way too expensive?
College keeps getting more expensive year after year. ... According to College Board Trends, the average annual increase of tuition and fees for a public four-year university was 3.4% between 2005 and 2016—that's slightly less than the previous decade but still higher than inflation.
Why is college so expensive?
There are a lot of reasons — growing demand, rising financial aid, lower state funding, the exploding cost of administrators, bloated student amenities packages. The most expensive colleges — Columbia, Vassar, Duke — will run you well over $50K a year just for tuition.
Why is college tuition important?
It's an important segment of our economy, since for most a college education is a door to higher wages and a better lifestyle. ... Since colleges competed for students, of course, schools had to keep a close watch on their tuition rates. Raising tuition too much resulted in fewer students. They make it very easy–almost too easy. Federal student aid accounts for most of the college tuition increases between 1987 and 2010, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. It's simple. The more money students can borrow, the more colleges are able to charge.
Why should college be cheaper?
Reducing tuition costs promises to improve college access and graduation rates. But many students and graduates have already taken out big loans to get their degrees. ... And the longer it takes to pay the loan off, the bigger the bite. College debt is also one of the stickiest forms of debt.

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