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Should College be Free

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College is Too Expensive

Should College be Free

Words: 1507 (7 pages)

In an effort to make student’s time memorable, exciting and safe the state-owned colleges and private colleges have done it at the expense of the students by making them pay 3 times more in school fees than 20 year ago. Anyone who wants a good job and good pay in today’s world has to have…

Free Education For All

Should College be Free

Words: 429 (2 pages)

What do you plan to do after high school? Maybe you plan to go to college, take a gap year, or maybe begin working or something else? Do your parents and teachers support your plan? Have they helped guide you toward your goals? Or have you had to figure them out on your own? In…

Free College: Should it Be Free for EVeryone


Should College be Free

Words: 588 (3 pages)

Have you ever heard about how much college debts, expenses, transportation and materials that you guys need for your classes? But when everyone has to go pay for books they need for classes or a computer for access, debt can become more overtime if not paid, and more money for transportation on campus. Everyone should…

The Future is Now and Free College is the First Step 


Should College be Free

Words: 1759 (8 pages)

Imagine the perfect education system. Free college might have come to mind? But that’s crazy. It’s just not possible for colleges to operate if they received government funding. As a matter a fact, free college would be very easily attained and much easier than previously thought. Today, many young adults are struggling due to their…

College Prices and the Opportunity Gap

Should College be Free

Words: 1271 (6 pages)

The price of college has skyrocketed by 163% in the last 30 years (Martin). Student loans have overtaken the public, becoming bigger than even the national consumer credit card debt. Poor communities, typically those of color, have stayed poor do to the lack of funding for their schools. We are a nation of chaos. But…

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