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Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed to Take College Courses



Words: 823 (4 pages)

Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses Tamitha Boltz Unit 6 Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses Prison inmates should be allowed to take college courses because an education offers a positive change for their release back into society. The education they receive will offer life skills and provide them…

Pharinet’s “Is College for Everyone?”: A Critical Response


Words: 479 (2 pages)

In her article “Is College for Everyone?”, Pharinet, an anonymous college professor, challenges the notion that college is essential for success. Contrary to those who hold a different perspective, she provides compelling evidence and illustrations to discredit their arguments, thereby appealing to a wide range of readers. In her article “Is College for Everyone?”, Pharinet…

Letter of Application for the A Business Management Degree and Psychology Major


Words: 620 (3 pages)

How do you see yourself in the next 10 years? How would a Presidential Scholarship at College of DuPage enable you to attain your personal, educational, and career goals, and what difference would you make in your community and in the world? During the course of the next ten years, I will be taking classes…

Free College Admissionss: What Motivates You?


Words: 409 (2 pages)

College Admissions: Explaining my motivation for pursuing a college education and why I consider Berea College to be an exceptional option for me. December 16, 2000. The past few years have been filled with difficulties, like they have been for many people my age. Nevertheless, we all face similar challenges during our teenage years and…

Pressures that College Students Face and Deal With



Words: 688 (3 pages)

Every stage in life provides opportunities and challenges in human beings. Each phase allows every individual to learn from personal experiences and acquire knowledge in school and in family and from his or her own mistakes. One of the most remarkable periods in one’s life is going into college and coping with every challenge that…

Do Colleges Put Too Much Stock into Standardized Test?


Stock Market

Words: 1056 (5 pages)

Topic: Do colleges put too much stock into standardized test Many students have the desire to succeed when taking college entrance tests, but some students have been proven as bad test takers which means they understand the concepts but are not able to put them on paper. Colleges should not deny prospective students just because…

Social Problems Among College Students


Social Problems


Words: 328 (2 pages)

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, the rise in student involvement in social issues has become a significant challenge for the government and has adverse effects on other teenagers. One notable consequence is college students disregarding regulations. In the subsequent paragraph, we will examine the reasons behind these societal problems, their consequences, and possible…

College Dropout Statistics and Causes for Increasing Numbers of Dropouts


Words: 1136 (5 pages)

Introduction The recently growing rates of college and high school dropouts have caused an alarm among the social authorities. This situation is of major concern to higher authorities as the future of whole society depends on the youth of the society and after spending so much on the education and molding the youth to take…

My Dream of College



Words: 1050 (5 pages)

I feel like I have a different opinion of college than everyone else. For the most part, I am not excited to go away to college at all. I wish I could stay in high school forever because I enjoy it so much. My friends are the greatest and I don’t want to make new…

College Binge Drinking


Driving under the influence

Words: 1704 (7 pages)

Why do college students drink so heavily? In college drinking is huge it has caused many serious problems which include rape, unwanted pregnancy, DUI, car accidents, unexpected injuries, and many fights. College drinking is extremely popular at college campuses all over the USA and cannot be stopped especially in the underage crowd. Even though drinking…

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