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The History Boys – Themes

Coming out


Words: 1470 (6 pages)

Sexual charm is something that can be exploited as a declaration of power and dominance, and a way to build the sense of pride manipulate people. Dakin wants to make love with Fiona on the headmaster’s study floor and he believes that his performance in bed is better than the headmaster. This is a way…

Gay Rights and Marriage In Our Society today

Coming out


Words: 1137 (5 pages)

Gay Rights and MarriageIn our society today, homosexuals are the odd man out. They are treated unconstitutionally, they are forced to live a secret life, they are forbidden to adopt and raise children and unable to marry the person they love. This is just a start to the many inequalities that homosexuals have mounted up…

We’ve Come A Long Way – Sex on TV

Coming out


Words: 1589 (7 pages)

“Ellen,” “Will and Grace,” MTV”s “Undressed,” only to name a few, are an example of some of the shows that many people think go against the morals of the American society. These shows have topics such as gay and lesbian relationships, people talking about sex openly, and basically, how the people around them react. Topics…

30 Good Controversial Speech Topics

Coming out


Words: 415 (2 pages)

Here is a list of good controversial speech topics to consider using for your next presentation.Remember these are ideas for controversial speeches, so you don’t want to just inform your audience of the subject. You need to pick a side and make an argument that your view on the topic is the right one. Good…

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