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Long summary of Universality of the Folklore

Cultural Anthropology

Fairy Tale




Words: 574 (3 pages)

            The essay “Universality of the Folklore” is an excerpt from Stith Thompson’s book, The Folktale, a text which tackles the subject of folk tales around the world, their importance to societies and the various types of tales that exist. Thompson is America’s foremost scholar in folklore, having devoted most of his professional life in…

Vikings Were More Than Just Raiders

Cultural Anthropology



Words: 387 (2 pages)

Throughout history, the Vikings have been depicted as the savage and somewhat barbaric pirates from Scandinavia. Conducting frequent, vicious raids upon countries across Europe, their reputation has always been, more or less, ruthless. Though this may be partially true, historical evidence also suggests the Vikings as being more than what we generally presume… —What were…

Melting Pot and Salad Bowl

Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Assimilation


Identity Politics



Social Issues

Words: 710 (3 pages)

The United States of America was essentially founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through solidarity of human kind. It has been the land of immigrants and still is. The melting pot and salad bowl, are two metahors often used to describe how the different cultures blend together.? The term…

Reverse Euhemerization

Cultural Anthropology





Words: 1164 (5 pages)

Euhemerization is a process that human being figuratively changes into a god with time while reverse euhemerization according to Chinese scholars, is a procedure through which a mythological creature or god changes to a historical figure, believed to have existed before. Reverse euhemerization happens to people occupied with history than mythology. Euhemerization is a theory…

Multicultural Compare/Contrast

Critical Theory

Cultural Anthropology

Social Issues

Words: 386 (2 pages)

Every culture around the world differs in some way or another. There are three cultural differences that specifically differ from that of South American culture. These three concepts are respecting one’s elders from “Or Else, the Lightning God” by Catherine Lim, respect for the dead in “Dead Men’s Path” by Chinua Achebe, and racial equality…

Romans and Barbarians Dbq

Ancient Rome

Cultural Anthropology


Roman Empire

Words: 711 (3 pages)

Romans and Barbarians DBQ According to the Romans nomads were considered to be barbarians, however over time Romans began to develop nomadic customs which were no longer considered barbaric but civilized. To the Romans a ‘barbarian’ was anyone who was an outsider of their land, and in that case nomads were considered to be barbaric….

The Melting Pot Theory Not True


Cultural Anthropology

Ethnic group

Identity Politics


Social Issues

United States

Words: 643 (3 pages)

The theory of the melting pot emerged during the Revolutionary period through the work of Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur. According to his theory, America was envisioned as a “melting pot” where people from all nations would come together and blend into a new race. The term melting pot describes the concept of societies formed by…

Witch Craze DBQ AP Euro


Cultural Anthropology





Words: 1423 (6 pages)

During the late fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries, thousands of individuals were persecuted as witches. It was thought that these individuals practiced black magic and performed evil deeds, the deeds of the devil. This all happened during a time of great change in Europe, during the time of the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Reformation, the…

Research Paper About Satanism


Cultural Anthropology




Words: 991 (4 pages)

What is Satanism? I have ne’er had any ground to sum up the Satanic belief system; there is no missional moral principle in my church, but being asked to compose an article on the topic gives me an extraordinary chance to pur to rest some prevarications about Satanism. I would wish to discourse the things…

Fukuyama, Huntington, Barber



Cultural Anthropology


Political science


Words: 1262 (6 pages)

Fukuyama, Huntington, Barber, Katzenstein, and Keohane all have diverse observations on the contemporary world situation. By comparing cultures, government systems and the general lifestyle of different groups, each of the essays attempts at summarizing the present-day day global climate. Although there is no one view that can completely capture the contemporary world state, Barber’s Jihad…

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What is culture anthropology essay?
It analyzes similarities and differences in various cultures and societies. Culture is learned and affects our perception of the world throughout our life. ... Anthropology can help eliminate culturally based biases, also known as ethnocentrism.
What you learn in cultural anthropology?
Anthropology is the scientific study of humans and their cultural, social, biological, and environmental aspects of life in the past and the present. ... Cultural anthropologists specialize in the study of culture and peoples' beliefs, practices, and the cognitive and social organization of human groups.
Why cultural anthropology is important?
Cultural anthropology studies how human cultures are shaped or shape the world around them and it focus a lot on the differences between every person. ... Cultural anthropology has gave us a better understanding of world affairs and world problems, because it studies the way people think and do things differently. Cultural anthropology and other anthropological fields make it possible to understand the origins of humanity. It introduced different societies and cultures, their differences, similarities, and what makes them unique.

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