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Colonizers do more harm than good to Filipinos

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World historical events are dominantly engaged into colonization. Like other literary eras, colonization is difficult to draw. There are colonizers that invade citizens of one country to settle and to introduce their beliefs, tradition and customs and to establish political control over that area of citizens. Filipinos experienced colonization by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese colonizers. During the Spaniards colonization, they contributed good things such as education and Christianity where it was succesfully followed by the Filipinos.

However, even how much they contribute, there are still inhumanity experiences happened before.

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Colonizers do more harm than good to Filipinos
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They are the reason why Filipinos experienced suffered, hardship, persecution etc. During their colonialism, I can say that the Filipino during the time of the Spanish was so very poor and pity because the Spaniards treated the Filipino people not as human being but as their slaves. They abused the Filipino.

The lives of the Filipinos during the Spanish colonization were so very difficult. They never experienced the “freedom. Colonizers may sometime be good because it helps to improve the living standard of Filipinos.

It brings modernization to Filipinos where technological matters are underdeveloped. Colonization in terms of religion expansion promotes equality and harmony throughout the Philippines even though religion was a predominant factor in the colonization process.

But harm effects still outweigh because colonizers encourages Filipino to enter their imperial projects with their goal. However it will cause slavery and indentured servitude. Filipinos are controlled by the colonizers in terms of culture, traditions and beliefs. It will force the colonies to think that their cultures were wrong and that the colonizers will bring Filipinos to civilization. Due to colonization, many cultures have disappeared. A In some ways, colonizers did more harm to Filipinos.

Although many may argue that through colonization has brought civilization, I am against to it because harm outweighs the good contribution they contributed. Many nations throughout the world were forced to abandon their values, beliefs, standards, and obliged to embarrass the western culture. More of these, many lives were lost and natural resources looted from the colonies. Additionally to it, colonization has encouraged the design of a global manipulative system through which western world controls and exploits poor nation.

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Colonizers do more harm than good to Filipinos. (2016, Oct 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/colonizers-do-more-harm-than-good-to-filipinos/

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