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Essays about Tribe

Argumentation: Mursi Tribe Issues

Statement 1: “Contact between tourists and the Mursi is a good opportunity for the Mursi to develop and to be part of the globalized world” The most important aspect about this statement is: Do the Mursi want to develop and be part of the globalized world? As seen in the movie “Framing the other” the …

Garo Tribe People in Meghalaya

The Garos are a tribal people in Meghalaya, India and neighboring areas of Bangladesh, who call themselves A·chik Mande (literally “hill people,” from a·chik “hill” + mande “people”) or simply A·chik or Mande. [1] They are the second-largest tribe in Meghalaya after theKhasi and comprise about a third of the local population. The Garo community …

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The Korubo Tribe A brief analysis of their perception of civilized world

The Korubo tribe which was contacted in 1996 is probably the last contacted Amazon tribe. They occupy some of the least explored regions of the Amazon, close to the borders of Peru, Columbia and Brazil. This Indian tribe has confronted all incursions by the outside world. They use clubs and poison darts to hunt and …

The Nukak Tribe: The Indigenous Tribes of the Rainforest

The Indigenous Tribes of the Rainforest – The Nukak Tribe The Nukak Tribe is found in between the Guaviare and Inirida River in the Amazon basin. It is part of the Guaviare department, in the Republic of Colombia. Unlike any other tribe, the Nukak population is facing a severe threat to extinction. Their current numbers …

Native American Tribes in the Great Plains

Have you ever been in a place of green with forests and animals everywhere? Well, where some of the Native Americans lived, there were such things. Native American tribes such as the Crow lived in the Great Plains. The Crow tribe of the Great Plains were nomadic and followed the buffalo migrations which provided their …

The Culture of Malaysia’s Batek

The Batek are the original and earliest known people of their culture. Their culture is unique. The Batek have a generous way of living, so that everyone does not go without. They are traveling foragers, whose culture is identified by their kinship, social change, and social organization. The Batek of Malaysia is a tribe that …

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