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Factors that Affect Student Achievement

Educational inequality


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            Education is one of the priceless things a person can possess, and it is something that he can be proud of in his life. The importance of education is evident in the way teachers, and parents, of course, encourage us to learn despite many obstacles. For a teacher, providing education to his students is…

Is Education the Great Equalizer?


Educational inequality

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During the era of slave trade, African slaves were prohibited from having books or receiving an education due to concerns of potential rebellion. However, a century later, African Americans fought for equal rights in the Civil Rights Movement. A pivotal moment in this struggle occurred in 1954 with the Supreme Court case Brown vs. The…

Equal Opportunities in Education


Educational inequality

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Education is a worldwide issue that we have struggled with for many years. The academic achievement gap between poor, minority students and their wealthier white peers has been one of the most troubling and persistent policy problems in the United States throughout its history. It is very difficult for some people to obtain an education….

Frequently Asked Questions about Educational inequality

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How can we solve educational inequality?
Invest more resources for support in low-income, underfunded schools such as, increased special education specialists and counselors. Dismantle the school to prison pipeline for students by adopting more restorative justice efforts and fewer funds for cops in schools. Read More:
How does education affect inequality?
In the more equal states, the wage gains associated with education vary only slightly by SES background. But there are big class gaps in the mid-range and high inequality states. In more unequal states, children from low-SES households see much lower rewards, in terms of wages, from each additional year of education. Most distressingly, increasing gaps in academic achievement and educational attainments have accompanied the growth in income inequality. Differences in the reading and math achievement levels of low- and high-income children are much larger than several decades ago, as are differences in college graduation rates.
What is educational inequality and how is it measured?
The measure of inequality of educational opportunity is given by the share of the variance in test scores that is explained by pre-determined circumstances. Both measures are computed for the 57 countries in which PISA surveys were conducted in 2006.
What is meant by inequality in education?
Educational inequality is the unequal distribution of academic resources, including school funding, experienced teachers, textbooks, and technology. The communities lacking these resources are generally populated with groups that have been historically oppressed.

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