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Essays on Educational inequality

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Mixed-Ability Classes

Educational inequality


Words: 2260 (10 pages)

Research-Based Information on Timely Topics What is ability grouping? Researchers have struggled for decades to find answers to questions about ability grouping: Does anyone benefit from it? Is anyone harmed by it? Who benefits (or is harmed) the most? Why? Are there alternatives to ability grouping? The answers are not always clearcut and often depend…

Factors that Affect Student Achievement

Educational inequality


Words: 1380 (6 pages)

Factors that Affect Student Achievement             Education is one of the priceless things a person can possess, and it is something that he can be proud of in his life. The importance of education is evident in the way teachers, and parents, of course, encourage us to learn despite many obstacles. For a teacher, providing…

Is Education the Great Equalizer?


Educational inequality

Words: 1592 (7 pages)

When the slave ships first brought the first Africans to this country, these African slaves were denied access to books and refused the opportunity for an education in fear that they would eventually cause a revolt against their slave owners. A century later during the Civil Rights Movement in the Untied States, African Americans risked…

Equal Opportunities in Education


Educational inequality

Words: 1183 (5 pages)

Education is a worldwide issue that we have struggled with for many years. The academic achievement gap between poor, minority students and their wealthier white peers has been one of the most troubling and persistent policy problems in the United States throughout its history. It is very difficult for some people to obtain an education….

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