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Reflective on a teamwork task


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The main objective of this paper is to conduct the self assessment in order to evaluate the role of the individual within the team in regards to other team members and therefore the effectiveness of the team work. Moreover, it is crucial to appraise the correlation between the roles and duties assigned to each member…

Case Study Report for Cisco System, Inc. Implementing Erp

Enterprise Resource Planning

Information Technology


Words: 1902 (8 pages)

Case Study Report for Cisco system, Inc. Implementing ERP Team Members: Nick Qiao, Ginger Yang, Cynthia Lai, Wellington Chou BACKGROUND * Cisco Company Cisco was set up in 1984 and developed into one of the top companies in the world. Its main business was related to the network which remained in IT industry. In this…

Managing a Global Team – Greg James at Sun Microsystems


Words: 1150 (5 pages)

Managing a Global Team-Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc | Case Analysis| | Long Cui| Hawaii Pacific UniversityDr. Kenneth Gerard RossiApril 30, 2013| | Brief Summary Greg James, a global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. , led a customer implementation team of 45 members spread across India, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the…

Self-Directed Teams



Social psychology


Words: 1073 (5 pages)

Self-Directed Teams 1 Running head: SELF-DIRECTED TEAMS Self-Directed Teams HRD 644 Human Resources Development: Theory & Practice Barry University by Jessica Rodriguez Self-Directed Teams 2 Self-directed teams can be defined as teams that are able to regulate their behavior on relatively whole tasks for which they have been established, including making decisions about work assignments,…

Ensure team effectiveness


Words: 634 (3 pages)

Bsbwor502B: Ensure Team Effectiveness Essay activity 1 1. A group of people differentiates from a team in the following way: • Involves members acting independently; • Every person performs essentially the same actions; and • The performance of one person has no direct effect on the performance of other team members. 2. It is important…

Rl Wolfe: Implementing Self-Directed Teams.






Words: 1513 (7 pages)

MGT 510 ASSIGNMENT RL WOLFE: IMPLEMENTING SELF-DIRECTED TEAMS. A CASE REVIEW RL WOLFE: IMPLEMENTING SELF-DIRECTED TEAMS. INTRODUCTION: The self-directed work team is an autonomous work unit capable of self-management. Such team has little need for direct supervision from managers; rather, the manager’s role is to meet the need of the team through the provision of…

Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Tak (a)




Words: 1436 (6 pages)

I. Introduction & Problem Definition Konigsbrau A. G. , which was a Munich-based brewer company, has subsidiary in Ukrainian. Wolfgang Keller who is the managing director of Ukrainian subsidiary with having succeeded as a hands-on manager, worked for food manufacturing companies in the past. He generally took his success with effective solutions such as changing…

Collaborative Writing



Problem Solving

Social norm


Words: 2160 (9 pages)

Collaborative Writing Definition I, Mark and my partner Louis have conducted a research on collaborative writing. Let us define collaborative writing which Louis quoted from Wikipedia – The Free Online Encyclopedia: “collaborative writing refers to projects where written works are created by multiple people together rather than individually.” We are not new to this term…

Facilitate group effectiveness




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thin a context of working with young people we may define a group as a small gathering of young people. Group work may simplistically be described as the study and application of the processes and outcomes experienced when a small group comes together. Konopka (1963) defines groupwork as a method of social work that is…

Reflective practice







Words: 3018 (13 pages)

Reflection is defined as “the process of creating and clarifying the meaning of experience in terms of self”(Boyd & Fales 1983, p101) and Reid (1993) defines reflection as “a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (p305).Many authors recommend the use of a…

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