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Assignment- General Management

Factors of production


Words: 3133 (13 pages)

Management is as critical as the organization because it is management which helps and directs the various efforts towards the achievement of the goals of the organization. It entails the process of working with and through others to effectively attain the goals of the organization. Management stands to protect the interest of the organization. According…

Visualizing the Strategic Planning Procedure

Factors of production

Strategic Management

Words: 1499 (6 pages)

With the wealth of information available today, concerns can happen a broad assortment of strategies visualizing the strategic planning procedure are available. In kernel, they normally consist of a series of stairs or edifice blocks. The analysis starts with specifying the concern and explicating a vision and so goes on to measure the internal and…

IIBM Emba Production and Operation Management

Factors of production


Words: 1384 (6 pages)

Production and Operation Management Section A: Objective Type (30 marks) This section consists of Multiple choice questions & Short Notes type questions. Answer all the questions. Part One questions carry 1 mark each & Part Two questions carry 5 marks each. Part One: Multiple choices: If the number of restrictions on sources be ‘a’ and…

Economic Growth and Development

Economic Growth

Factors of production

Words: 2707 (11 pages)

The world has been divided into developing, under-developed and developed countries. And the race has been always to move from under-developed to developed counties. But the confusion lies herein in this process of movement from the under-developed/developing countries to developed countries. When should a country consider itself to be moving in the right direction i.e….

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