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Essay – Ecology Question

Food web

Words: 957 (4 pages)

FRQ: Ecology Question Ecological succession from a pioneer community to a climax community is an easy process to understand once you know each step. Ecological succession is the transition in the species composition of a biological community, often following ecological disturbance of the community. There are two types of ecological succession, primary and secondary. Primary…

Interdependence in nature

Food web


Words: 681 (3 pages)

Interdependence in nature is illustrated by the transfer of energy through trophic levels. the diagram below depicts the transfer in a food web of an arctic lake in Alaska. Choosing organisms from four different trophic levels of this food web as examples, explain how energy is obtained at each trophic level; 1 page, 1 source…

Abiotic and Biotic Factors of the Dzanga-Sangha Rainforest


Food web

Words: 282 (2 pages)

Ecosystems and Biomass: Biotic and Biotic Factors of the Dazing-Shanghai Rainforest’s There are many biotic factors that characterize the Dazing-Shanghai Rainforest’s. A biotic factor is an interaction between organisms in an environment. An example of a biotic factor is competition. This is when two or more individuals or populations try to use the same limited…

Fundamental Vs Realized Niches Biology


Food web

Words: 4182 (17 pages)

I describe Ecology as the survey of assorted populating beings, their several relationship with other beings along with their reactivity to the environing environment. Ecologists normally adopt the method of analyzing and analysing Niches in order to better understand an being and its endurance. Niche is defined as “ The function played by an being…

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