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Independent Variable: Type of Fruit or Vegetable


Words: 2152 (9 pages)

The fruit or vegetable will be placed in six 56.7 gram cups, ranging with sucrose molarities of 0 (distilled water), 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, with 5 trials, leading to 30 cups for each produce variable. Dependent variable: The water potential of the produce, found by placing the produce in different molarities of sucrose and…

Fruit inc : Business Research Project


Words: 325 (2 pages)

Business Research Project Week 4 Data Analysis: Fruit Incorporate Business Research Project Week 4 Data Analysis: Fruit Incorporate It is becoming increasingly apparent that surveying of the company’s personnel is an important procedure so that the company is expected to make the best judgment of the situation and combine the suggested methods in order to…

Invasive Species: Mexican Fruit Fly


Words: 872 (4 pages)

Ivan Chavez B1 Invasive Species: The Mexican Fruit fly An invasive species is a species that does not naturally take place in a particular area and with its arrival brings economic, environmental or human harm (1). Recently there has been a bigger emphasis on invasive species (1). They are threatening our agriculture and forests and…

Tuba –tuba (Jatropha curcas) fruits as a source of biogas


Words: 1590 (7 pages)

Gasoline oils are very much in demand in the Philippines, especially in the transports companies and local oil companies. These companies heavily depend on foreign gasoline oils or imported oils for adequate supply and are spending not only billions but trillions of dollars for the import of gasoline oils. The Philippines rank___among the oil importing…

Investigating the Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices



Words: 387 (2 pages)

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble nutrient which is found in certain foods. It acts as an antioxidant (inhibits oxidation) in the body, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The body requires vitamin C in order to make collagen, a protein essential to help wounds heal. Vitamin C also…

Problem & Purpose: Fruit Battery


Words: 577 (3 pages)

The purpose of the experiment is to understand how battery works and find out which fruit and vegetables that we eat can be used as an alternative way for a battery source. I become interested on seeing how batteries where used to power up my flash light and toys. The information from this experiment will…

Codex General Standard for Fruit Juices and Nectars


Words: 5613 (23 pages)

CODEX GENERAL STANDARD FOR FRUIT JUICES AND NECTARS (CODEX STAN 247-2005) 1. SCOPE This Standard applies to all products as defined in Section 2. 1 below. 2. 2. 1 DESCRIPTION PRODUCT DEFINITION 2. 1. 1 Fruit Juice Fruit juice is the unfermented but fermentable liquid obtained from the edible part of sound, appropriately mature and…

Effect of Orange (Citrus sinensis) and Calamondin (Citrus microcarpa) to Fruit Fly Sample


Words: 2539 (11 pages)

This survey will prove the consequence of orange and calamondin on fruit fly. The research worker used these stuffs because of some proven related surveies. The research worker started carry oning this research last November 2012. This survey used the undermentioned stuffs and specimen: The research worker prepared 500ml hot H2O. 1 cup of rancid…

Essey about Kiwi Fruit


Words: 3524 (15 pages)

Kiwi is among the very few recent introductions which have surpassed in popularity due to its tremendous commercial potential in the sub Himalayan region of India. A native to central China, it is being grown commercially in New Zealand, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, France, Chile and Spain. In India, kiwi was first planted in the…

The Exotic Rambutan Fruit


Words: 308 (2 pages)

The Rambutan fruit is native to Malay Archipelago, Southeast Asia. It is botanically named a Nephelium lappeleum. To people of Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Borneo, and other countries of this region, the Rambuton is a comparatively common fruit like an apple which is common to many people in cooler, climate. The Rambutan is naturally…

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