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Essay- Homosexuality


Sexual orientation

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A personality is a mixture of traits that define ones individual personality. Examples of this include, impulsiveness, openness, intelligence, etc. These traits are tools, which are used by individuals to navigate social situations. Dr. Dean Hamer is a molecular psychologist and he is exploring the roll that genes play in a human personality. He said…

The Sanctity of Marriage: Homosexuality and Marriage


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There is so much controversy concerning homosexuality and marriage. This controversy has recently risen and been debated in court inMassachusetts. Around three percent of our country experiences exclusivehomosexuality (Swan n.p.). Gay marriage must be banned because it hasnegative consequences for our society, does not follow American Tradition,and most importantly, homosexuality is immoral. Granted homosexuality allows…

XX and XY Chromosomes and Homosexuality


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XX and XY Chromosomes and Homosexuality I. INTRODUCTION Human males and females behave and react to various situations differently, which has been thought to be caused by differences in hormones secreted by the gonads of each gender. In mammals, the male’s testes secrete testosterone from the Leydig cells, which acts on the brain to cause…

Homosexuals & Reality


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The right to marry is a basic human right that every human being deserves. However, people don”t seem to agree with that and discriminate against the homosexuals who desire marrying their partner. With that said, homosexuals should be allowed to marry their partners regardless of their sex, and should have equal rights just as any…

Literature review (homosexuality)



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Literature  review  (homosexuality) The  debate  on  homosexuality  is  certainly  not  a  new  one.  Conservatives  describe  homosexuality  as  a  ‘crime  against  nature’  whereas  liberals  shrug  it  off  as  a  matter  of  personal  sexual  choice.  While  this  debate  is  going  to  take  long  to  come  to  a  conclusion,  new  scientific  researches  are  coming  up  to  explain  what  actually …

Homosexuality in Botswana



Words: 1284 (6 pages)

Homosexuality in Botswana In Botswana homosexuality is considered an ‘un-natural tendency’ and one can get up to seven years imprisonment. Acts of gross indecency are also punishable according to the law. Although homosexual acts are illegal (prosecution of such acts is rare) just being a homosexual is not illegal and we do not see people…

Theories of Homosexuality



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Through the biological perspective of deviance, sociologists have linked homosexuality to hormones, genes and the brain (Taylor, Thio & Schwartz, 2013). Hormonal theory does not describe a cause of homosexuality. Genetic Theory describes the cause of homosexuality as people being born gay. The brain theory is much more in depth about the cause of homosexuality….

Homosexual sex is unnatural


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    In many ways, homosexual sex is unnatural. Evolution and biology demand the propagation of the species; this can only happen during sex between a man and a woman. In addition, men and women’s bodies are made to complement each other, and to be sexually explicit, the vagina is made to accommodate the penis. The…

Homosexuality Essay


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In 20th century attitude toward gay community was very negative. However, in recent years gay and lesbians are gaining more rights. The biggest problem that homosexuals are facing right now is not being able to adopt a child. There are 22 states where they are allowed to adopt and it is seen there that they…

Debate on Homosexuality in Society



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Homosexuals are individuals who prefer having affairs with someone of the same sex as them. In America homosexuality is frowned upon by many people especially people in the Church and individuals who believe in only heterosexual relationships. Back in the day homosexuality was frowned upon to the highest extent people viewed it as a disease….

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Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is "an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions" to people of the same sex.

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