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Aggression and Emotional Intelligence



Words: 1174 (5 pages)

It is a word which we use almost every day to characterize the behavior of other people and sometimes even for ourselves. Aggression is a range of behaviors that is intended to harm another individual who does not wish to be harmed. This definition includes three features. Aggression is how you respond or behave and…

Emotional Intelligence of Libranian in the Information Service


Words: 2739 (11 pages)

Abstract This paper may be a focus on Emotional Intelligence of library and knowledge service businesses. It discussed the philosophy of librarianship and the laws that are prevalent in the library and information science. The essence of those laws is to make sure that the proper services are provided for users while a decent philosophy…

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in the Workplace


Words: 1683 (7 pages)

Abstract As the modern-day workforce plunges deeper into the 21st century. The demographics, workplace environments, and ethical standpoints are morphing around the viewpoints of today’s working-class citizens. In the past, great leadership was often characterized as someone with a strong backbone, and not afraid to get their hands dirty that their companions can follow behind…

Emotional Intelligence Paper


Words: 1096 (5 pages)

What Is Emotional Intelligence? And why is it important? According to (Goleman, D., 1995) “described emotional intelligence in five domains: knowing one’s emotions, managing one’s emotions, motivating oneself by marshaling emotions, recognizing emotions in others, and managing emotions in others so as to handle relationships.” It is the intangible force that guides us as we…

Emotional Intelligence Analysis Essay


Words: 1141 (5 pages)

Introduction Emotional intelligence is described as one’s own ability to recognize, understand, and control their thoughts and feelings. It is being able to cope with stressful situations, controls urges, and allowing time to process before responding. In addition, to being conscious of your emotions, we must be able to understand other’s emotions through observations and…

Emotional Intelligence Plays a Basic Role in Establishing


Words: 2267 (10 pages)

Intellectual intelligence was perceived by many educators as a predictor of success in children’s lives. However, it has been established that despite a child having the intellectual abilities to succeed at higher educational institutions, he may experience difficulty dealing with emotional issues, having poor relationships, and being ineffective in his decision-making (Goleman, 1995.) Thus, it…

Emotional Intelligence, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory and Globalization Trend 


Words: 969 (4 pages)

The capability to express and manage own emotion is crucial, but same goes to own ability to interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Everyone was born differently, based on culture, core-values and belief that play part of the human roles. Some people are smart at thinking how other people might feel, however, not…

Definition of Emotional Intelligence Essay


Words: 1802 (8 pages)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and sense the emotions of our self and to influence the emotions of other people (Connors, 2018). It is defined as the ability to manage emotions and use them in an appropriate way to guide the thinking and actions of our own and others. A person with high…

How I use Emotional Intelligence Over the Past Ten Years


Words: 1547 (7 pages)

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t let your emotions get the best of you”? We have all been in a situation where we become stressed out and let our emotions take over our decision making. The best way to understand how someone can control his/her emotions is to understand emotional intelligence. “Emotional intelligence (EI)…

What Mean Term Emotional Intelligence


Words: 800 (4 pages)

Emotional intelligence comes from the ability of an individual to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions, while being able to understand and influence the emotions of those around you. By that definition, emotionally intelligent individuals know that their emotions can drive behaviors and have a big impact on those around you, both positively and negatively…

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