A Rounded Version of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence

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The author, Mr. Gardner, is motivated by the problem of traditional methods used to determine one’s intelligence. He argues that people have different capacities and their intelligence can vary based on their skills and strengths. He supports his arguments using diverse sources such as individuals with special skills, brain damage, and various studies. Mr. Gardner’s main argument is that intellect cannot be measured by a simple pencil-and-paper test and that everyone has the potential to excel in their own way. He uses clear examples and evidence to support his theory and presents his work in an engaging point of view. As a reader, it took some time to understand his point of view, but after careful reading and explanation, the author’s theory makes sense and highlights the potential of individuals who are often underestimated by traditional methods of measuring intelligence.

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What is the problem or question that motivates the author? Mr.. Gardner disagreed with the traditional method used to determine one’s intelligence. He wanted to demonstrate that cache’s has a different capacity, and it could vary according with their skills and strengths.

From what contest is the Author writing? He supported his Ideas from diverse sources, such as collecting information from different individuals with special skills, some with brain damage to determine what type of intelligence they had. He also consulted various studies including prodigies, idiot savant but also autistic children. In addition, he used physiological training Psychometric studies combined between them.

What arguments is the author putting forth? He put forth on arguments that corroborate the theory of multiple Intelligence. Mr.. Gardner brought the idea of that intellect of a person cannot be a measure by a simple “pencil-and-paper test. ” He stated that if an individual was not gifted with any particular skill he or she could still do well on their own.

What rhetorical choices (concerning style or word choice, for example) does the author make? How do these choices help to convey the meaning of the text? One of the techniques he used for each of his argument was that he provided a clear example or evidence for his theory. Therefore, readers could make their conclusion afterwards. Addressing an argument with real examples, the author catch the interest of the reader. He also presented his work with a very engaging point of view.

To what extent has the author considered your needs as a reader? As a reader, the first time I visually scanned the article, I could not quite understand his point of view. However, after I carefully read it the second time, and a little explanation in the class about Mr.. Gardner I ended up agreeing with his theory because I realized that by using the old traditional method of measuring people capacity, we tent to underestimate of the potential of some.

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