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The Virtue and Courage


Words: 344 (2 pages)

A highly acclaimed trait, it is bravery, passion, and faith that is in a person. It is raised up in war and times of struggle, but sometimes the intentions behind these courageous actions are overlooked. The value of courage lies not in the act itself, but in the motivations and values behind it. Simply being…

A true Canadian icon: Laura Secord


Words: 1811 (8 pages)

A heroine is a adult female of distinguished bravery or ability. admired for her courage and baronial qualities ; Laura Secord easy qualifies and exceeds this definition [ I ] . Her enterprise. speedy humor. intelligence and physical fortitude have been animating people since her narrative became widely known. Laura Secord is a echt icon…

Audie Leon Murphy Biography




Words: 701 (3 pages)

Audie Leon Murphy, born into a poor Texas sharecropping family, gained worldwide fame as the most decorated American soldier in World War II (Audie L). Even as a 12-year-old orphan living in Texas, he exhibited impressive marksmanship. However, due to severe poverty, he had to quit school and started working for a nearby farmer who…

The Courage of George Washington



Words: 928 (4 pages)

With leadership comes great responsibility. One might believe the calling to greatness automates the correct responses and actions required from that person. However, Just as one chooses to love, one must choose to yield body and soul in order to yield the destiny of the future. Often, when society faces great opposition, man chooses to…

The Defiance of Fear






Words: 427 (2 pages)

There are many different forms in which courage can manifest. It can be seen when individuals stand up for their beliefs, overcome harrowing experiences, or risk their own well-being to protect others. The mentality of taking action and ignoring fear serves as a catalyst for the judgments that await. Having the courage to conquer fear…

If I Die in a Combat Zone




Words: 401 (2 pages)

If I Die in a Combat Zone is an intense personal account of Tim O’Brien’s tour of duty in Vietnam. He absolutely hated the fact of going to war. He starts off as a cocky college student, and through the course of the book, he changes. O’Brien uses very vivid descriptions of the terrain, weather…

Of Cannibals by Michael de Montaigne Analysis




Words: 476 (2 pages)

In “Of Cannibals” by Michel de Montaigne, the author presents an nuanced argument aiming to challenge the belief that cannibals are savage beings. Montaigne contradicts this notion by emphasizing a particular practice of the cannibals. Additionally, he highlights the numerous virtues and qualities exhibited by the cannibals that earn respect from Europeans. Montaigne supports his…

Life Values in the Red Badge of Courage


The Red Badge of Courage

Words: 1679 (7 pages)

Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage (1895) is a novel about the American Civil War. Being one of the greatest works of the world, especially of American literature, it presents the harsh reality of the war time and the psychological struggle of the main character who combats his problems and becomes a hero.  The…

Analytical on Captains Courageous Analysis


Words: 930 (4 pages)

My story was Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling. This was referred to as a childrens nautical adventure story, but has entertained audiences for generations. The main character in the story was Harvey Cheyne. Harvey is the son of a millionaire and a snobbish little brat. He acts pretty big around the crew of the ship…

Couchsurfing Encourages People


Words: 1831 (8 pages)

Couchsurfing International was founded to promote meaningful and transformative experiences through embracing cultural diversity, openness, and respect. By facilitating encounters with unique places and individuals, Couchsurfing provides couchsurfers with a distinct outlook on life. Moreover, nurturing an appreciation for various cultures cultivates tolerance and acceptance. Couchsurfing motivates people to embrace a broad array of experiences…

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