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Investment Banking Essays

Corporate & Investment Banking

Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Asia Pacific, the BIN Parish Group is a leading employer with more than 8,500 employees* and a presence in 14 markets. Being one of the largest international banking networks, we strive to employ talented and innovative people who are aligned to our vision and culture. The Graduate …

Future Of Investment Banking

January 18, 2009 [FUTURE OF INVESTMENT BANKING] The Future of Investment Banking Strategies to Survive Paper presented by: Sudipto Das Mob – 09717593939 Email: sudipto. [email protected] ac. in [email protected] com Abhishek Bhartiya Mob – 09717593631 Email: abhishek. [email protected] ac. in abhi. [email protected] com College – Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida Team ame – …

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Investment Banking

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Karen Ho- Culture of Investment Banking

The workplace culture of investment banking is one that could be described to being similar to that of a lion’s den. In the animal kingdom the lion is the most fierce, savage, and overall king of the jungle. To translate into investment banking, the graduates of Ivy League schools such as Princeton, Yale, and Harvard …

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