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The Investment Management and Investment Banking Industry

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    It is obvious from the discourse over that venture banks are useful for the economy of a nation. With the expanding number of new businesses and new enterprising endeavors that are happening in Bangladesh, greater speculation banks are required to interface individuals who are working together and searching for capital and the individuals who will give capital. This is the reason the requirement for new speculation banks have emerged and that is the place the business thought of another venture bank comes in.

    In order to create a platform where new business owners looking for capital and investors to come together, Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd. is the business idea proposed in this report. Investor’s Paradise Bank looks to create sustainable businesses by linking investors to businesses and thus contributing to the overall economic development of the country.

    Principally the Investment Bank will guarantee securities available to be purchased to private financial specialists and the overall population among organizations that are looking to raise capital. At the beginning of activities, the Investment Bank will basically look to offer obligation instruments for the benefit of its customer base. The standard charge for this administration is 7% of the aggregate guaranteed instrument. The Investment Bank will likewise request capital from licensed financial specialists with the expectation to utilize this cash-flow to make speculations attractive securities. Marvel Development Bank Ltd hopes to produce intensified yearly returns of 25% to 35% every year on capital put into the Investment

    Bank’s portfolio possessions. The Management of the Investment Bank will hold a 20% proprietorship enthusiasm for the firm. The is to develop the Investment Bank into a large scale investment firm that that will provide underwriting income, advisory income, dividend income, capital appreciation, and interest income to Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd.’s. investors and senior directors.

    Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd will be run by someone who has more than 10 years of experience in the investment management and investment banking industry, and along with him there will be a board of directors. Through their expertise, they will be able to bring the operations of the business to profitability within its first year of operations.

    The essential income streams for the business will originate from securities endorsing and warning administrations with respect to mergers and acquisitions exchanges. Financial specialist’s Paradise Bank Ltd will procure generous charges for the value and obligation instruments that it endorses and afterward exchanges to the overall population. As the Investment Bank is beginning with an unobtrusive measure of capital, Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd will essentially connect with obligation instruments among center market organizations that will be sold on a best endeavors premise. This will put insignificant hazard on Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd’s. capital hold. Financial specialist’s Paradise Bank Ltd will likewise procure considerable every hour administration and arrangement expenses in regards to warning administrations for mergers and obtaining activities. (Manhattan Review, n.d.)

    Administration will likewise make speculations specifically into attractive securities and mutual funds that represent considerable authority in particular regions of exchanging. Financial specialist’s Paradise Bank Ltd expects to build up various exchanging methodologies including choices exchanging, LEAPs exchanging, long position/short position exchanging, and different techniques for exchanging that will deliver little however predictable gains on a week after week and month to month premise. The venture bank may likewise connect with a secured consider procedure that would enable the store to adequately it rate of return for securities that are held for an all-inclusive timeframe. With respect to putting resources into multifaceted investments, redistributing exchanging exercises is costly as speculative stock investments charge vast AUM expenses and execution charges on their total capital pools.

    Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd will to undergo an aggressive expansion after the successful completion of the initial capital raising period. As the Investment Bank is a multifaceted investment firm, management will expand each segment of the business by developing limited partnerships that will attract additional capital for Investor’s Paradise Bank Ltd’s. marketable securities and fund of funds’ portfolios.

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