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Corporate & Investment Banking

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Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Asia Pacific, the BIN Parish Group is a leading employer with more than 8,500 employees* and a presence in 14 markets. Being one of the largest international banking networks, we strive to employ talented and innovative people who are aligned to our vision and culture. The Graduate Program is a comprehensive 24 month program designed to equip graduates with the technical skills and individual competencies to embark upon a successful career within the BIN Parish Group.

This opportunity includes a formal mentoring program, graduate community initiatives, relevant technical training and on- the- job learning from our senior managers and highly experienced team members.

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Corporate & Investment Banking
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* Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Solutions divisions (excluding partnerships) Responsibilities Credit Management refers to the Credit Department of Coverage and Territories, the coverage activity of Corporate and Investment Banking (COB) integrated in the sales side to develop corporate business. Credit

Management has been created to: Help Relationship Managers to focus on the commercial role with clients Manage the credit process and facilitate complex decisions at all authority levels of the Bank Optimize credit management and enhance the quality of credit proposals It is expected that the grad Tate will acquire knowledge/understanding of Credit Analysis and develop the overall skills set required to successfully contribute to the business.

Your responsibilities may include, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

Prepare rigorous and synthetic credit proposals with accurate and comprehensive analysis in line with the bank policies, including analysis of financial statements, industry, economic data and identification, analysis and presentation Of all key risks. Spreading Of financial statements understanding and running Return on Risk Weighted Capital (RAZOR).

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