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Harvard Business School Case – the Fashion Channel Analysis


Harvard University

Ion channel


Words: 1028 (5 pages)

Case Study: The Fashion Channel 1. Define the segmentation scenarios considered by Dana Wheeler and discuss the pros and cons of each scenario. In the HBS Fashion Channel case, Dana Wheeler considered 3 different market segmentation scenarios. Various market research firms had divided viewers into 4 distinct groups: “Fashionistas”, “Planners and Shoppers”, “Situationalists”, and “Basics”….

Communication channels, audiences and groups


Ion channel

Words: 523 (3 pages)

Introduction. Before any organization can implement sound communication channels, it is essential to understand the background of effective communication, which is strategic communication. Strategic communication involves disseminating information to a group of people and obtaining their opinions and thoughts on impending issues addressed by the disseminating party. Therefore, strategic communication is not one-sided; instead, it…

Communication Channels: Mode of Transmission of the Message


Ion channel

Words: 503 (3 pages)

Introduction             A part from the content, the other important constituent of communication is the channel. Communication channel refers to the mode of transmission of the message. This paper explores the communication channels available for use in an organization and ways of improving their effectiveness. The paper also identifies implications for developing health communication strategies…

Voltage Gated Ion Channels In The Daphnia Heart Biology


Ion channel

Words: 3959 (16 pages)

It may be possible to utilize other tissues instead than that of higher animate beings as an educational tool for the survey of pharmacological drugs. Previous experimental surveies were carried out in order to find how closely related the basic electrophysiology of daphnia bosom was to the human bosom. Work such as that of Krijgsman…

Frequently Asked Questions about Ion channel

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How is ion channel selectivity achieved?
The metal ion selectivity of an ion channel is largely determined by its selectivity filter (SF), the narrowest part of an open pore lined with amino acid residues that face the pore lumen and interact specifically with the passing ion(s).
What are ion channels in biochemistry?
Ion channels are large transmembrane proteins that serve to provide a pathway for ions to diffuse at a high rate across the cell membrane according to their electrochemical potential.
What is the meaning of ion channels?
Ion channels are specialized proteins in the plasma membrane that provide a passageway through which charged ions can cross the plasma membrane down their electrochemical gradient. The resulting ionic current, generated by the movement of charged ions through membrane channels, can be measured by patch-clamp methods.
Why is ion channel important?
Ion channels facilitate the passive movement of ions down an electrochemical gradient and across lipid bilayers in cells. This phenomenon is essential for life, and underlies many critical homeostatic processes in cells.

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