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Observations of Chemical Changes


Words: 1548 (7 pages)

Ocean County College Department of Chemistry Observations of Chemical Changes Date Submitted: 09/22/2013 Date Performed: 09/19/2013 Lab Section: Chem-181DL1 Course Instructor: Dr. Nancy Marashi Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to observe and examine some of the properties of chemicals reactions and relate these chemical properties with household products. In this experiment, different chemicals…

Biology: Biochemistry



Words: 656 (3 pages)

Protons are positively charged and form the nucleus of an atom with neutrons that carry no charge. Electrons are negatively charged and are constantly moving around the nucleus. Ions are created when electrons move from one atom to another atom changing the charge of that atom to either positive or negative. When electrons move they…

Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of Benzene and Dimethoxybenzene


Words: 921 (4 pages)

To understand the general process, reaction and limitations of Friedel-Crafts Alkylation in regards to Dimethoxybenzene. To apply the reaction of Friedel-Crafts Alkylation to dimethoxybenzene. Chemical Index: Chemical Structure Molecular Weight Melting Point Boiling Point Acetic Acid Procedure Measure 120 mg of 1,4-dimethoxybenzene, 0.4 mL acetic acid, and 0.2 mL t-butyl alcohol In a 10X100 mm…

Effect of Concentration on Electrochemical Cell Potential Using Nernst Equation


Words: 893 (4 pages)

Introduction: Galvanic or voltaic cells convert chemical energy generated from the electron transfer in redox equations to electrical energy. The cell is composed of two half-cells. Each half cell has a metal electrode (the anode and cathode) and a solution of a salt of the same metal. In the anode the metal oxidizes and produces…

Hydrate Lab Report for Chemistry Lab


Words: 480 (2 pages)

The sample needed to return to the oven for a second heating to insure that all of the water was heated off of the sample. If the mass difference between the first and second heating was greater than 0. 005g, the sample would have been needed to be heated a third time because all of…

Dow Chemical Co. V United States


Words: 359 (2 pages)

Ermina Dedic Legal Brief 1 Name of Case: Dow Chemical Co. v United States. Court: U. S. Supreme Court Citation:476 U. S. 227 (1986) Parties and their roles:Dow Chemical (Plaintiffs/Petitioner) and United States (Defendants/ Respondents) Facts:Dow Chemical operates a two-thousand-acre chemical plant at Midland, Michigan. The facility, with numerous buildings, conduits, and pipes, are visible…

Types of Chemical Reactions


Words: 469 (2 pages)

Chemical reactions are everywhere! The food you eat and the oxygen you breathe change from during reactions inside your body. When sugar, water, and yeast are mixed into flour to make bread dough, a chemical reaction takes place. Chemical reactions occur when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances. Often, you can tell…

Chemicals Research Paper Chemical and Biological



Words: 816 (4 pages)

Chemicals Essay, Research Paper Chemical and Biological Warfare, method of warfare in which toxic or crippling chemicals or biological agents are used to foster the ends of the battlers. Until the twentieth century such warfare was chiefly limited to get downing fires, poisoning Wellss, administering smallpox-infected articles, and utilizing fume to confound the enemy. Chemical…

Why Is Organic Chemistry Important


Words: 463 (2 pages)

Why is organic chemistry important? Organic compounds are used for many different things. Daily life in today’s world would be very hard to live in without organic compounds; in fact life would not be possible without organic compounds. For example, most of your body is made up of organic compounds. The food you eat is…

Chargaff Erwin’s Contributions in Biochemistry


Words: 330 (2 pages)

Erwin Chargaff, born 1905 in Czernowiz, Austria, was a pioneer in biochemistrycontributing to the understanding of DNA. He, in 1928, earned his doctoral degree inchemistry at the University of Vienna’s Spath’s Institute in 1928. Erwin began his careerin biochemistry at Yale University, working under Rudolph J. Anderson from 1928 to1930. His early work included stories…

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Why chemistry is important in our life?
Chemistry is so important! Even our body is composed of chemicals. Chemical reactions take place when we breathe or eat or just sit down and read. All matter is made from chemicals. Chemistry is important because it studies everything.
What is the importance of chemistry essay?
Chemistry is crucial because it helps us discover new things. Chemistry is vital because it provides insight into the future behavior of animals, plants, and other living things.
What is chemistry in simple words?
Chemistry is the study, understanding, and interaction of matter with energy. Chemistry is one physical science that helps us describe and explain the world.

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