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“A Poison Tree” by William Blake Analysis


Words: 613 (3 pages)

William Blake’s poem “A Poison Tree” consists of four stanzas with a rhyme scheme of aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff-gg-hh. The poet explores the detrimental consequences of unaddressed anger. Through the use of an extended metaphor, Blake effectively illustrates the idea that if anger is left to brew and intensify, it can lead to regrettable behaviors. Furthermore, Blake incorporates…

Themes in “Poison Oak” by Bright Eyes


Words: 743 (3 pages)

Themes in Conor Oberst’s “Poison Oak” The poetic song lyrics of “Poison Oak,” written by songwriter Conor Oberst and performed by Bright Eyes, display many powerful uses of figurative language that give the song a deep meaning and produce strong themes. The puissant and mournful metaphors used by Oberst create important themes that allow the…

The Poisoned Needle: The Diatom and the Toxin


Words: 353 (2 pages)

The poisoned needle, more specifically known as Pseudo-nitzschia which is a diatom, has been known to cause widespread problems in terms of aquatic food contamination. Specifically, aquatic organisms commonly used for human consumption such as crustaceans and fishes may come in contact with blooms of the aforementioned diatom, leading into contamination. The common name given…

Stylistic Analysis of Poison Tree


Words: 832 (4 pages)

A Poison Tree a poem by William Blake I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I watered it in fears, Night and morning with my tears: And I sunned it with smiles, And…

An Analysis of Poetry in “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver Sample




Words: 874 (4 pages)

The inclusion of “This is my missive to the world” emphasizes the growing of the talker. During the Price’s stay in Kilanga. the household witnessed 100s of deceases. These were tragic happenings in their eyes but to the indigens. they were merely nature’s message. At the beginning of the fresh Adah would hold received the…

Poetry Analysis A Poison Tree



Words: 637 (3 pages)

Was angry with my friend: told my wrath, my wrath did end. Was angry with my foe: told it not, my wrath did grow. And I watered it in fears Night & morning with my tears; And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night, Till…

The Human Abstract/ a Poison Tree Analysis



Words: 954 (4 pages)

To analyze and compare William Blake’s poems “The Human Abstract” and “A Poison Tree”, one must comprehend both his words and the entirety of human nature and the mind. As individuals, we possess various inclinations and vulnerabilities towards all aspects of our daily existence, including nature, emotions, friends, and enemies. Our responses to these inclinations…

Poisonwood Bible



Words: 2029 (9 pages)

Barbara Kingsolver is the writer of many well-written pieces of literature including The Poisonwood Bible. This fresh explores the beauty and adversities that exist in the Belgian Congo in 1959. Told by the married woman and four girls of a ferocious Baptist, Nathan Price, Kingsolver clearly captures the worlds this household and mission went through…

Drug and Poison in Hair



Words: 295 (2 pages)

Since hair growth is fed by the bloodstream, the ingestion of drugs of abuse is revealed by analyzing a small sample of hair. Hair testing is the most accurate and effective method of finding users of drugs of abuse. Using a small sample of hair cut at the scalp, hair analysis evaluates the amount of…

The Poisoning of Our Ozone Layer The poisoning of

Ozone depletion


Words: 531 (3 pages)

O3 the Earth’s ozone layer is increasingly attracting worldwide concern for the global environment and the health effects of life on the Planet Earth. There is not just one particular cause for the ozone’s depletion; the accumulation of different pollutants into our ozone layer has all added up and equaled a worldwide problem. There is…

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How do poisons work?
When inhaled a poison is in gas form and uses the body s blood stream to move through the body as absorbed gases though the alveoli. ... When absorbed through the skin the toxin passes first through the pores, then into the subcutaneous tissues and then finally into the blood stream.
How does poison affect the body?
Poisoning can affect the body in different ways, from minor discomfort to long-term organ damage. Lead poisoning, for example, can lead to permanent brain and kidney damage. A caustic or chemical poison can burn the throat and stomach and lead to scarring.
What exactly is poison?
A poison is any substance that is harmful to your body. You might swallow it, inhale it, inject it, or absorb it through your skin. Any substance can be poisonous if too much is taken. Poisons can include: Prescription or over-the-counter medicines taken in doses that are too high.
What is the strongest poison?
Polonium is the deadliest poison out there. It is said to be 250,000 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide. Just seven trillionth of a gram of polonium is enough to kill any adult.

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