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A Paper on Lies in the Novel The Scarlet Letter



Words: 953 (4 pages)

When one finds himself in a sticky situation and needs a way out, human instinct is to take the easy way out, to lie about what happened. The next step is to feel guilt for the lie committed. After that, the guilt will continue to grow stronger, this will continue until the liar has admitted…

You Can Hide Behind Lies or Let the Truth Set You Free



Words: 720 (3 pages)

It all starts with a fib, then gets bigger and bigger. It’s gets easier to do it, so we continue more and more. A white lie that seemed so harmless at first becomes toxic, and before we even know it, our truths are deluded and our lies become our truths. Sometimes, because we know the…

The Lies Behind a Sensible Stature



Words: 555 (3 pages)

I am weak. I may look like someone who stands tall with inner strength but inside, I am frail. Like a little leaf that’s easily blown, I am vulnerable. I live in fallacy. I hide behind a mask of sunshine. Yes, I smile and laugh a lot. I look like someone who doesn’t have a…

Truth: The Greatest Elusion



Social Media

Words: 938 (4 pages)

Post-truth is when feelings trump the blatant facts that surround us. This concept has gained power as the years go on. In Lee McIntyre’s Post-Truth, he states, “… when the Oxford Dictionaries named it 2016’s word of the year. After seeing a 2,000 percent spike in usage over 2015…” (McIntyre 1). Many factors have contributed…

Difficulty Verifying the Veracity of Information




Words: 422 (2 pages)

In a world where information can spread as quickly as people can tap their fingers on screens of technological devices, it is hard for data to be verified at the speed it is being posted and spread. In A Field Guide to Lies written by Daniel J. Levitin: a neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, and bestselling author,…

Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy




Words: 1548 (7 pages)

The book is a representation of findings emanating from large scientific studies that explores the mind of a consumer when exposed to several marketing stimuli. According to the author, the main aim of writing the book was to delve into the mind of the consumer and try to understand different buying patterns and the associated…

“Hit and Run” Lurleen McDaniel. Main ideas and conclusions




Words: 567 (3 pages)

The book I read this semester was “Hit and Run” by Lurlene McDaniel. The author made me really like this book. She made the book full of suspense and provided a valuable lesson. I have read several great books by Lurlene McDaniel, but this one by far has been my favorite. One of the lessons…

The Americans See through the Lies



Words: 522 (3 pages)

Many Americans had their own opinions of Hitler in the beginning stages of the Olympics. Some thought very highly of him, such as Karl von Wiegand, a Hearst correspondent who was the first American journalist to interview Hitler in 1922. Wiegand reports that he was struck by Hitler’s skill with words, and his ability to…

Your Choice: Save a Life or Tell the Truth?



Words: 2453 (10 pages)

I swear I will say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Since humans could barely talk, we were taught to always be honest, a life skill which is not only important but necessary to teach a child’s impressionable mind, the difference between right and wrong. The great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant’s philosophy on lying…

Opposing the Argument That Illiteracy Lies in the Inadequacy of the Education System



Words: 653 (3 pages)

When people think of a handicap or disability the last thing they are thinking about is Illiteracy. It has become a huge problem in our country that has developed over many decades and effects every age, race, ethnic group, income levels, and educational level. Those who can not read and write may not realize how…

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