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Has Female Gang Participation Changed over the Years?



Words: 2095 (9 pages)

Abstract Participation of female in gangs has been discussed in various TV talk shows, radio programs and newspapers since 1980s. Female gang members often considered as being wild, self-indulgent, riotous, pleasure seeking, self-gratifying, violent, irrational, and amoral. This paper reviews recent trend woman participation in gangs after the 1980s. Participation of female in gangs has…

Sexism in Latinx Culture



Words: 2775 (12 pages)

In Latinx culture there seems to be a lot of sexism. Especially in “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Díaz, Yunior conveys this there is a lot of sexism. The book isn’t sexist but there’s a lot of sexist characters. Yunior, the main character, describes women as if they are an object. The…

The Importance of Masculinity and Male Dominance 



Words: 1677 (7 pages)

Male dominance is seen to be a societal expectation in the Dominican Republic. The standard of behavior of Latin American Men, referred to as El machismo, is the standard of behavior expected of the Latino Men. In the Dominican Society, the roles expected of them are a strong sense of masculine pride, being the head…

Frequently Asked Questions about Machismo

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How does machismo affect society?
Machismo is manifested in violence against women and a lack of economic, social, and political opportunity. ... Unlearning machismo and recognizing its influence in politics, culture, and society are crucial parts of ending gender-based violence.
What are the characteristics of machismo?
The various characteristics attributed to machismo in the social science literature include: male domination and female subordination; the control of female behavior and sexuality; the use of physical and verbal aggression; drunkenness; the refusal to do anything perceived to be feminine; a strong sexual drive with ...
What is machismo culture?
Machismo is defined as a strong sense of masculine pride. ... In Latin American culture, machismo is a social behavior pattern in which the Latino male exhibits an overbearing attitude to anyone in a position he perceives as inferior to his, demanding complete subservience.
Why is machismo a thing?
Machismo is a term originating in the early 1930s and 40s best defined as having masculinity and Pride. Machismo is a factor challenged among different groups due to how an ideal man is expected to be portrayed which builds pressure.

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