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Informative SpeechTypes of CheeseMost people love cheese, whether in chunks or strips, or melted on bread for a grilled sandwich. It is a part of the cuisine of nearly every culture, and variations on the theme are legion. Cheese is usually categorized into four types: soft, semi-soft, semi-hard and hard. The designation refers to the…

A King vs. His Clergymen


Civil rights and liberties

Human Rights


Social Issues


Words: 1136 (5 pages)

In “A Call For Unity’ the clergymen state that some of the demonstrations have been “directed and led in part y outsiders” (Carpenter, et al. Par 3). One can safely assume, such as King does in his response letter, that the Clergymen are accusing King of being an outsider. Farther into their letter, the Clergymen…

Coretta scott king

applied ethics

Civil Rights Movement

Human Rights



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In January 31 this year, I watched America mourned the death of Coretta Scott King. She was 78. As the first lady of the human rights movement, she left a legacy of peace, leadership, and courage. During a tribute, US President George Bush said that “King’s lasting contributions to freedom and equality have made America…

The Great Debaters Analysis





Words: 840 (4 pages)

The Great Debaters is an extraordinary movie that was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The movie fixates on four African American students on the debate team in Wiley College. Throughout the movie we encounter the students debate different colleges, and at the same time we see their individual lives, and how it affected their…

Cesar Chavez Biography

Mahatma Gandhi



Words: 353 (2 pages)

Life of Cesar Shaved Cesar Shaved was born March 31, 1927, in a small town near Yum, Arizona. Cesar NAS born in a very poor family. During his childhood, Cesar did not only see the injustices of life, but he also saw how most farmworkers were mistreated and overworked. Also, Cesar saw how many people…

Cesar Chavez Neffy

Human Activities


Words: 610 (3 pages)

“From the depth of need and despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength. ” – Cesar Shaved The quote show how dedicated Cesar Shaved is to hard work and making the world a better place. Cesar was born in Yum,…

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose



Mahatma Gandhi


South Asia

Words: 1381 (6 pages)

Known as Netaji ( leader ) . Mr. Bose was a ferocious and popular leader in the political scene in pre-independence India. He was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1937 and 1939. and founded a nationalist force called the Indian National Army. He was acclaimed as a semigod. akin to the many…

“Letter to Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King

Civil Rights Movement


Letter from Birmingham Jail


Words: 985 (4 pages)

Presents himself as an educated and credible man and defends his stance on the issue of non-violent protesting. He addresses the ideas brought forward in an open letter wrote up by a group of several white clergymen who felt as if African Americans should wait on the judicial system to correct this injustice error, as…

Thoreau’s Main Statement of The Concept of Government





Words: 915 (4 pages)

For Thoreau’s main claims, he opened this statement “I heartily accept the motto-”That government is best which governs least,” and he defined his true conviction “That government is best which governs not at all.” Thoreau said that government is nothing but imaginary or abstract perception that people decided to choose to live by. Up until…

Violence and Non-Violence

Civil rights and liberties

Martin Luther King


Words: 1587 (7 pages)

Social inequalities can be traced to the beginning of time through oppression, prejudice, and discrimination. These inequalities lead to social justice movements where the inequalities are addressed and attempted to be fixed or demolished. The main two method a revolution or change can be sought out is either through non-violence or violent tactics. Frantz Freud…

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What is the importance of nonviolence?
“Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one's whole being into the being of another.” “World peace through nonviolent means is neither absurd nor unattainable.
Why is it important to practice nonviolence in our daily life?
Through our daily nonviolent choices and actions, the noble and courageous spirit within each of us expresses itself as the skills, wisdom and character of a nonviolent human being. This is how we each, in our own way, move the world in a direction of peace.

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