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Thoreau’s Main Statement of The Concept of Government

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    For Thoreau’s main claims, he opened this statement “I heartily accept the motto-”That government is best which governs least,” and he defined his true conviction “That government is best which governs not at all.” Thoreau said that government is nothing but imaginary or abstract perception that people decided to choose to live by. Up until now the abstract concept that we call government is accessible to exert and employ that one respective can be simply offer the government to do their will. Although, we believed that the government is made to be capable to provide for the people in which it governs. Besides, it’s mainly used as source to boost power. He also embolden the civil obedience due to competence to have more sense of rightness and more conscience. Furthermore, anything that government expect or assurance, he dispute that it couldn’t keep the country free and educate.

    His assertion is that all good that has been adept in America has been finished not because of the people,but by the people. Additionally, he argued about the further achievements that may have been attained whenever the government had not prevented. However, King’s claim is to advocate the crucial need for biblical soundness of nonviolent protest. He created the letter in response to a letter written by Birmingham clergymen, he published in the Birmingham Post Herald, affirming against King’s manifestation in Birmingham. These clergymen, even though they expressed action to segregation, they promoted calmly waiting for justice rather than the active protest. They disputed about King’s protest as well. Although, nonviolent incited violence in others. King contradicts their argument for waiting for justice by indicating that there’s no gains in civil rights that has been made “without determined legal and nonviolent pressure.”because “Privileged groups” infrequently gave up their privileges without such burden.

    Furthermore, he claims that respective are likely to identify the truth of immoral movement and be eager to make adjustments, but groups, whose a part of it should strengthen each other’s views with burden, never get to understand what of their movements are immoral:”groups tend be more immoral than individuals.” For this sense, He knows that it improves in civil liberties can only be made if the association of racist whites are keeping onto their privileges are pressured into extending their privileges when it comes to others. Douglass doesn’t promote civil obedience,but instead he stands against slavery and cruelty. Frederick Douglass life’s experience was very remarkable as he describe how he saw the cruelty of Talbot County in Maryland and putting into slavery. As he got transfer in Baltimore, he reach one of the north’s free states and become well known promoter of anti slavery of all time.

    Thoreau uses credible evidence, to back up his opinion. He used the Mexican war as an illustration of an “abused and perverted” government. Logos- Thoreau uses a logical analysis to justify his opinion about the government is futile and it takes potential away from the citizens. Thoreau uses emotions o called pathos to make the readers feel outraged. The example of the author was when he mention about soldiers are not used as people, but as tools for the government. It used the reader to make them angry and feel that the government is easily using their citizens. Pathos- King used pathos by giving an examples of what usually happening at African Americans during the law stands by and doesn’t do anything.He talked about how parents are being lynched and siblings are getting immersed because white men felt like it. This made me felt the heartbreaks of these every people’s experienced.

    Logos- King quoted Thomas Aquinas allegation, “An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law.” So it means that the laws are heir to small group of population and don’t have religious or outcome for society as a whole are not good. He remains with the message if the majority votes in a law and also minority has nothing to say and law gains only the majority, and as well its not a right law. For me it is a logical because it made me think the unjust laws that African Americans handled with on a regular basis. They almost have no rights and were segregated, they didn’t have any claims in many laws. The outcome of it was that America had many laws that promoted Whites but rarely assisted any African Americans.

    Ethos- King acknowledges the candor and the condition of clergymen who wrote the letter that his responding to and honoring their credibility as men of good will especially to those who are all acknowledging the Bible teachings. Pathos- Douglass used pathos with his imagery and uses of figurative language that aggravates an emotional feedback. Pathos is also seen in his dominant words, idiom and mental images that agitate emotion.

    Ethos- Douglass focuses on Christianity throughout his anecdote. He used it to show ethical irregularities imperative to the practice of slavery. Logos- Douglass shows about the sense of ownerships slaves master’s perceive when they had over them. When when it was familiar for one man to own different man and to them it was the pattern. He used logos to persuade the reader. He wanted the readers to look at the master as a awful peron and wanted the readers to think logically as well.

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