“Letter to Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King

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Presents himself as an educated and credible man and defends his stance on the issue of non-violent protesting. He addresses the ideas brought forward in an open letter wrote up by a group of several white clergymen who felt as if African Americans should wait on the judicial system to correct this injustice error, as opposed to actually getting out and gaining attention from the media by taking part in the non-violent protests. In this letter, King describes the many injustices African Americans had to face in America during the era of the Jim Crow laws. The letter from the clergymen questioned Dr. King’s tactics and his timing, and was labeled as a call for unity, something about this letter striked a reaction in Dr. King and prompted him write down his reaction and in turn turned into a reaction to those men. The style, language, and historical context in which King uses while developing this letter makes for a strong and very effective argument against the opinion that African Americans should not react with a non violent approach.

Jim Crow was the denomination of the racial segregation system, which operated mostly in southern and border states, between 1877 and the mid 1960s. Jim Crow was more than a series of rigorous laws against African Americans, and It had naturally became the natural way of life. African Americans were forced to take on the given status of second-class denizens under the law that did nothing for greater good but to only make oppression against a certain group of people appear just. Numerous researchers and educators at each level, upheld the conviction that blacks were socially inferior to to white people. Daily paper and magazine journalists routinely alluded to blacks as niggers, coons, and darkies; and more awful things. The Jim Crow system was based on the following beliefs: whites were superior to blacks in all important ways, including but not limited to intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior, relationships between blacks and whites would produce a race which would destroy America, treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial relationships between men and women, any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial sexual relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom racial level.

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The preceding Jim Crow norms show how universal these norms were. Many of Dr. King’s speeches and writings were important in furthering the cause of civil rights for all, but the Letter from Birmingham Jail addressed a large and compelling issue one that superseded laws, traditions, or religious doctrine. Dr. King’s letter was an articulate plea for justice, and he raised the issue of what was/is just in a civilized society. The laws of the south ensured that blacks were kept powerless and in fear for their safety. The laws of America were not protecting a substantial percentage of American citizens. This letter, like the works of

Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells and others civil rights activists who came before Dr. King, made it clear that black Americans did not enjoy the same rights of citizenships as other Americans, and that he and his team would not back down. Two months later, President John F. Kennedy addressed the nation on television, echoing the sentiments expressed in King’s letter and calling for a major civil right reform, leading to the Civil Rights Acts of 1963. In conclusion, this letter makes statement about oneself of that he feels greatly disappointed with the white group that ignores the pain and suffering of African americans, they promise equality if we just let “the courts” sort out the issues, but in the end they cannot uphold their promises. In Birmingham, they used a range of methods of nonviolent straight to acting, including work of buildings, and nearby church protests, but the town got an order from the court to put a stop to all these protests.

The soundness of his principles and Arguments that put examples on view of such as tests, reasoning and feeling gave him the right and wrong to request to go against orders a law that in a teaching book can be light but in experience never took place. The united attempt to get something done of Martin Luther King against the common experience of keeping separate in the of the south United States, and specially in the Case of Birmingham Alabama, strong of purpose in part the future of the Civil rights acting in the United States, because it showed the being unjust of which were thing talked of the African american group. The Civil not doing as ordered and peaceful stopping effect done expertly against one giving importance to divisions and segregationist South in the United States; showed further new thing in the methods of stopping effect that let the start of a slow, by stages change in the application of being just and, as an outcome of that, once again the building of a truly rights-giving society, more than one and equal to all americans. from end to end his prose writing Martin Luther King tries to state the purpose of his letter that are being unjust and unequalness.

I have in mind that he had an important force of meeting blow on his readers because he could group together 2 important points in this prose writing the tests, reasoning and feeling. He used feeling giving examples of how white people gave attention to colored people and used tests, reasoning with Evidence putting examples on view of the truth. The groups of these 2 elements had as an outcome a clear and small prose writing that can make come round of their Arguments to the greater number or part of it’s readers. It’s a piece full of history but most importantly is a piece where we can witness how Dr. King approaches his problems and how well his approach worked.

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