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Acctg for Decision Making

Decision Making

Opportunity cost

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Relevant Information & Decision Making 1. Which of the following best defines the concept of a relevant cost? A. A past cost that is the same among alternatives. B. A past cost that differs among alternatives. C. A future cost that is the same among alternatives. D. A future cost that differs among alternatives. E….

american manufacutre


Opportunity cost

Words: 279 (2 pages)

Chapter 2 Outline Lamb1. Economic choicesa. Steeling awayi. The steel industry has been decreasing steadily over the yearsii. Factories have been going down and workers have been losing their jobs due to the lack of need of steeliii. Pittsburg has lost it’s importance in the steel industryb. What are the consequences of economic choicesi. Trade-off1….

Economics and Comparitive Advantage in Switzerland


Opportunity cost

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RUNNING HEAD: SWITZERLAND AND COMPARITIVE Switzerland and Comparative Advantage; Factors, Specialization and Protectionism in a Global Economy ECO GM/ 561 International Economics Douglas Gurney July 3, 2010 Switzerland and the Concept of Comparative Advantage While most in today’s hyper-competitive global economy look towards countries including; China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and others in search of lower…

The Economic Impact of Notting Hill Carnival


Opportunity cost

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Abstract The Notting Hill Carnival is a vital cultural event in West London and a precious constituent of the London Image. The event has a huge economic effect on the London economy as well. It promoted up to ? 93m income a year to the city’s economy and maintains the equivalent of 3,000 full-time jobs….

Discussions for Managerial Accounting


Opportunity cost

Words: 2183 (9 pages)

Week 4: Discussion 1 How does activity-based costing differ from the traditional costing approach? When would it give more accurate costs than traditional costing systems? * Activity based costing (ABC) is a method for assigning costs to products, services, projects, tasks, or acquisitions, based on the activities that go into them and the resources consumed…

Housing Bubble Due


Opportunity cost

Words: 302 (2 pages)

The opportunity cost of one alternative as the forgone opportunity to earn profit from the other. The opportunity cost is what we give up to pursue it. If I made the decision to go to the Bruce Springiness concert and not the UH concert my opportunity cost would be $20 because the my next best…

economics extended format


Opportunity cost

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The price of wheat is $2. 00 per bushel and the price of barley $ 0. 80. Show the benefits to Fred from specialization. What should he specialize in? The 125 bushels of barley because even though it’s cheaper there are more of a supply and more people will by the cheaper product. He will…

Supply and Demand and Next-best Alternative

Opportunity cost

Supply and Demand

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In daily life, a decision maker often has to forgo something in the pursuit of a certain action due to scarcity of resources. The value that must be forgone in order to undertake the action is defined as “opportunity cost” by the economists. Besides, another common issue for an economic learner is the variable responses of…

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