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Effect of Sucrose Molarity on Potato Tuber Weight




Words: 1980 (8 pages)

Using Sucrose Solutions to Determine Osmolarity of Potato Tubers Based on Weight By Thomas Pelikan Biology 200A Section 004 Kimberly Schmidt October 2, 2012 Abstract: In this experiment we were trying to determine the osmolarity of potato tubers by weighing them before and after incubating them in solutions of sucrose with varying molarities. To find…

Preparation and Assay of Phenolase and Peroxidase from Sweet and Irish Potato




Words: 1658 (7 pages)

Title of Lab: Preparation and Assay of Phenolase and Peroxidase from Sweet and Irish Potato Hypothesis: Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme activity can be detected by change in colour of solution, Inhibitors prevent the reaction of the enzymes with substrates, the enzyme is relatively specific. Aim: To design and conduct an experiment to demonstrate enzyme activity of…

Osmosis in a Potato Chip




Words: 1831 (8 pages)

Aim To investigate the effect of varying concentrations of a certain sugar solution on the amount of osmotic activity between the solution and a potato chip of a given size. Osmosis is defined as the net movement of water or any other solutions molecules from a region in which they are highly concentrated to a…

Pepsi Grows potatoes in China





Words: 4905 (20 pages)

After entering China in 1982, Pepsi continued to do well in the country, offering a wider range of products than its arch-rival, Coca-Cola. Pepsi’s potato chip business was successful despite competition from other multinational rivals and Chinese domestic brands. As its potato chips became more successful, however, the problem of how to secure a supply…

Essay – Potato Salad




Words: 348 (2 pages)

Potato Salad is a traditional American favorite and is the major hit at most all picnics and family barbeques. Making the perfect potato salad isn’t something that comes natural it takes skill and precision, from picking the right potato to adding just enough mayonnaise. There are hundreds of ways to make potato salad, but this…

Review of Related Literature and Studies




Words: 1375 (6 pages)

Presented in chapter is a synthesis of research that supports the evaluation and explains the importance and advantages in using the potato-powered battery. Many questions about potato-powered battery are explained in this study. Thus, this study is a complete overview about potato-powered battery. Literature Two metals – an anode, which is the negative electrode, such…

Investigation of Nutrients




Words: 1094 (5 pages)

Lab report INVESTIGATION 5: NUTRIENTS IN FOODS This experiment has to do with foods and their nutrients. We are finding out how much nutrients these 6 specific foods have and don’t have: cheese, hotdogs, egg yolk, egg white and potato. We are testing them for starch, sugar, fat and protein. For my hypothesis I will…

Atlantic Ocean At The End of the 15th Century




Words: 828 (4 pages)

At the end of the XV century, the Atlantic Ocean has not yet been crossed by anyone or it wasn’t known about someone who did it. The trips that now take us a few hours, at that time could last for months That why for this kind of trips intelligent and brave men are required…

Potato Cores In Salt Solution Research



Research Paper

Words: 2599 (11 pages)

Potato Cores In Salt Solution Essay, Research Paper Scenario Plants in the dirt have their roots in a dilute solution of mineral ions. When they are all of a sudden flooded with saltwater, concentration of which is 0.3 molar Sodium Chloride, they are observed to wilt and go flaccid. Aim The purpose of this experiment…

Crazy Turkey Loco




Words: 1166 (5 pages)

“Crazy turkey” is the centerpiece of this Mexican-inspiredThanksgiving fiesta. The turkey takes its shape and seasonings from a popular Mexicantechnique for barbecued chicken. Split through the backbone and laid flat, the butterflied bird cooks quickly and browns all over. A Los Angeles restaurant chain that specializes in this kind of chicken named itself Pollo Loco–“crazy…

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How did potatoes affect the Old World?
They were part of the Columbian Exchange as well as being disseminated by many other large trade routes. Potatoes became widespread and then turned into a necessity for the people in Europe to survive. Potatoes created a more nutritional diet as well as creating jobs and population booms everywhere the plant was grown.
What is a potato description?
The potato is one of some 150 tuber-bearing species of the genus Solanum (a tuber is the swollen end of an underground stem). The compound leaves are spirally arranged; each leaf is 20–30 cm (about 8–12 inches) long and consists of a terminal leaflet and two to four pairs of leaflets.
What was potato used for?
In fact, it is likely that less than 50 percent of potatoes grown worldwide are consumed fresh. The rest are processed into potato food products and food ingredients, fed to cattle, pigs and chickens, processed into starch for industry, and re-used as seed tubers for growing the next season's potato crop.
Why are potatoes so important?
Potatoes are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin C and have an especially good amino acid balance. ... Boiled, it has more protein than maize, and nearly twice the calcium. Potatoes are a valuable source of nutrition in many developing countries, contributing carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to the diet of millions.

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