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Assignment on Nervous system

Nervous System

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The central nervous system is divided into two major parts: the brain and the spinal cord. The brain The brain lies within the skull and is shaped like a mushroom. The brain consists of four principal parts: the brain stem the cerebrum the cerebellum the diminishable There are two types of matter in the brain:…

muscular & nervous system

Nervous System

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-Nervous System3 functions of the nervous system:-Receives and relays information-Monitors and responds to internal and external changes-Controls and coordinates all body functionsSensory: become aware of stimuli: change in environmentIntegative: memory, emotions, conscience, decisions Response: muscles, what did you do?Neuron- (nerve cell) cells that carry messages throughout the nervous systemNerve impulse- electrical signals, coded method from…

The Nervous System

Nervous System

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The nervous system is part of an organism’s body that coordinates the voluntary and involuntary actions which transmits signals between different parts of the human body. The system is responsible for sending, receiving, and interpreting information from all parts of the body. Together with the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system is has a…

The Construction Of The Human Nervous System Biology


Engineering And Construction Industry

Nervous System

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Main Cells of the Nervous System. The two chief cells in the nervous system are nerve cells and neuroglia. The nerve cell is the map unit for the nervus cell. In the nerve cell it has the undermentioned construction: cell organic structure, one axon, and one or more dendrites. The cell organic structure contains the…

A&P Chapter 11 Nervous System 2 Homework



Nervous System

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Place the following items associated with the brain in order from superficial to deep. Complete each sentence describing the structures and functions of the cerebrum. Consider a situation in which a stroke or mechanical trauma has occurred, resulting in damage one of the areas of the brain indicated in the image. Drag and drop each…

Ch. 16: Autonomic Nervous System

Nervous System

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The sympathetic division of the ANS is also known as which of the following? thoracolumbar division Preganglionic fibers leave the CNS and then synapse on ganglionic neurons. The parasympathetic nervous system is especially active during which physiological state? digestion Craniosacral division is another name for the parasympathetic division of the ANS. The parasympathetic division is…

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