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Bullet in the Brain


Words: 1732 (7 pages)

The main character in Bullet in the Brain is a middle-aged book critic, who is especially “known for the weary elegant savagery with which he dispatched almost everything he reviewed” (1, L 5). You might even call him a grumpy old man, because basically that is what he is – but more about that subject…

The Importance of Converging Operations





Words: 1394 (6 pages)

After all, it is only by comparing that we can judge, for our knowledge rests entirely on the relations that things have with others that are similar or different, and we should realize that if there were no animals, the nature of man would be even more incomprehensible. – G. L. Buffon, Historie Naturelle Already…

The Behaving Brain


Words: 677 (3 pages)

The Behaving Brain: Video Response The video put the chapter into visual perspective for me in terms of learning about our brain structure and it’s different parts. The video describes the three important jobs our neurons do: receive information from other cells, process information, and transmit it to the rest of the body. Without our…

Dementia as a Brain Illness Syndrome




Words: 6929 (28 pages)

Understand the process and experience of dementia1.1Describe a range of causes of dementia syndromeDementia is not a single disease, but rather a non-specific illness syndrome (i. e., set of signs and symptoms). Is a broad term used to describe a range of signs and symptoms consistent with damage to the brain caused by specific conditions….

Brain Cancer: Deadly Disease



Words: 1156 (5 pages)

The brain is the center of thought, emotion, memory, speech, and many more, and it is the most sophisticated organ in the human body. A hard skull protects the brain where it floats in a fluid called Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). The brain is generally set apart from the rest of the body, and functions rather…

Human Mind: Brain Mapping


Words: 281 (2 pages)

Brain Mapping The brain has been a focal point of scientists and the most gifted minds for many centuries. People have always wanted to know how thoughts, ideas, and memories are transmitted and understood throughout the human mind. Brain mapping is the process of scanning the brain, creating a “map” of the brain’s activity. Brain…

Right Brain, Left Brain


Words: 746 (3 pages)

The article in which I chose to examine is called Right Brain, Left Brain:Fact and Fiction, written by Jerre Levy. In the past fifteen years or sothere has been a lot of talk of left brain and right brain people. Levy’sreason for righting this article was clearly to stop the misconceptions andshow the truth about…

The Functions of the Brain


Words: 718 (3 pages)

The Cerebrum: I. Introduction: 1. Nervous System and the different aspects 2. Nervous system with the functions throughout the body. 3. The brain and its functions; the connections to the nervous system. 4. The cerebrum and the major connections to the nervous system and brain; why it so important to the body. II. Thesis Statement:…

How the Internet Is Affecting Our Brains


Words: 1084 (5 pages)

When researchers presented evidence to people that the internet causes addiction, depression, and psychological discombobulation, they resounded,“‘What’s next? Microwave abuse and Chapstick addiction’” (Dokoupil). Truthfully, people find the evidence impossible to fathom. The Internet allows us to instantly access the business world, keep in touch with our friends, and make our work easier. It would…

The Importance of Various Neurotransmitters




Cell biology




Words: 1976 (8 pages)

Neurotransmitters.             Neurotransmitters refer to certain chemicals agents which relay, modify and modulate signals from the neurons to other cells in the body (Rang, 2003).  When these chemicals are secreted at terminal axon ends of the nerve cells, they diffuse across the synaptic gap thereby transmitting information to the nearby adjoining cells such as glands,…

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