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smoking on the body

Prenatal development


Words: 1168 (5 pages)

Tobacco is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the United States. Nicotine, which is an alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant, is a potent chemical that has powerful effects on the human body, especially when administered rapidly or at high doses. Prenatal exposure to nicotine is associated with adverse reproductive outcomes, including…

Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Prenatal development


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Natalie Roberto Research Paper: Child Development Nutrition “Must-Knows” for Pregnant Women The single most important thing that you can do for your baby is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. A well-balanced diet is one that includes foods from all food groups in appropriate amounts, to ensure proper nutrition. One of the most important times…

Teenage Pregnancy and Pregnant Underage Girl

Prenatal development

Teenage Pregnancy

Words: 969 (4 pages)

I hope you understand my extemporaneous speech about “Teenage Pregnancy”. The amount of teenage getting pregnant around the age of 15-17 is quite concerning . Although most Teenage Pregnancies are unintentional . It still means there are chances of them becoming pregnant. At the same time, Teenage Pregnancies associate with social issues. Finally they come…

Should Pregnant Women Be Punished For Exposing Her Fetus to Risk

Prenatal development


Words: 2288 (10 pages)

Pregnant women at times engage in activities that may affect the well-being of the unborn child in one way or the other. The question that then arises is whether pregnant women should be punished for exposing their fetus to any form of risks during the pregnancy term. For as long as anyone can remember, law…

Autism and Mental Retardation


Prenatal development

Words: 471 (2 pages)

Respond to the following: List the primary features of autism. Individuals with autism experience a lack of responsiveness, language and communication problems, limited imaginative play, rigid behavior, unusual motor movements, and overstimulation or understimulation (Comer, 2005). Which explanation for autism is no longer considered valid and lacks research support? The sociocultural theory of autism is…

Developmental Delay


Prenatal development

Words: 988 (4 pages)

At least 8 percent of all preschool children from birth to 6 years have developmental problems and demonstrate delays in one or more domains. (Pediatric Perspective, 2003). Developmental delays occur when a child does not reach the developmental milestones by the expected time. It can affect one or more of the five areas of development:…

Alcohol Use During Pregnancy




Prenatal development

Words: 1937 (8 pages)

Now of course with the holidays coming up everyone knows to drink and behave responsibly. Everyone including the young mothers who are carrying children. They know all about the physical and cognitive effects that a drink may have on their fetus. According to health surveys 19 percent of 4 million mothers used some form of…

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome




Prenatal development

Words: 857 (4 pages)

How does alcohol affect the unborn baby? What kinds of effects may result in the child and it will it affect it for the rest of his or her life? Whenever you take a drink, the alcohol readily crosses the placenta and enters the babies bloodstream. However the babies tiny developing system is not equipped…

Article Summaries for Child Development

Child Development

Prenatal development

Words: 616 (3 pages) By Shankar Vedantam The article above discusses how studies now seem to indicate that the children of older fathers are at increasing risk of developing autism. I selected this article because I found it to be a lot less common to find an article on how the advancing age of the father as opposed…

Money to raise a child


Prenatal development

Words: 1732 (7 pages)

However, women should make the right decision because it is extremely important and will affect their life in the future. For several years, abortion has been and will be an extremely controversial subject not only in the United Sates but also in many other countries. Arguments against abortion are based on the belief that an…

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What are the factors of prenatal development?
The principal determinants of fetal growth are fetal genotype and in utero environment. Environmental factors include maternal and paternal genetics, maternal size, and the capacity of the placenta to provide nutrients to the fetus.
What is prenatal development and why is it important?
The fetal period of prenatal develop marks more important changes in the brain. This period of development begins during the ninth week and lasts until birth. This stage is marked by amazing change and growth. The early body systems and structures established in the embryonic stage continue to develop.
What is prenatal development in your own words?
Prenatal development: The process of growth and development within the womb, in which a single-cell zygote (the cell formed by the combination of a sperm and an egg) becomes an embryo, a fetus, and then a baby.
What is the most important stage of prenatal development?
The germinal period begins with conception and ends when the blastocyst is fully implanted into uterine tissue. Next, the embryonic period lasts from implantation until about 8 weeks from the time of conception. This is the most crucial period of prenatal development.

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