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Why did the 1905 revolution in Russia fail


Words: 1789 (8 pages)

Why did the 1905 revolution in Russia fail? The Russian revolution in 1905 failed due to many reasons such as the government’s issues, public’s action, and the loyalty to the Tsar by the armed forces and many other reasons. During the 1905 revolution one reason as to why the revolution failed was due to the…

The Philippine Revolution: Questions and Answers


Words: 629 (3 pages)

The Revolution Begin: After the discovery of the Katipunan, Bonifacio gathered his men in the hills of Balintawak. Balintawak was the first north of Manila which was then a secret meeting place of the Katipuneros. On August 26, 1896 the fiery Bonifacio stopped all the talking. He angrily tore his resident certificate ( cedula )….

EDSA People Power Revolution


Words: 17394 (70 pages)

The Philippines was praised worldwide in 1986, when the so-called bloodless revolution erupted, called EDSA People Power’s Revolution. February 25, 1986 marked a significant national event that has been engraved in the hearts and minds of every Filipino. This part of Philippine history gives us a strong sense of pride especially that other nations had…

Revolution in the Video Gaming Industry


Words: 398 (2 pages)

Late this summer, Sony will release its brainchild product dubbed PlayStation2. This is a follow up to its predecessor PlayStation1. If you are familiar with the video game entertainment market, its usual that a company releases a new console every 4 to 5 years. The Playstation2 is expected to revolutionize the video gaming industry in…

Kuhn on Relativism: Analysis of Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


Words: 857 (4 pages)

Kuhn on Relativism: Analysis of Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Thomas Kuhn, in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions discusses the concept of scientific revolutions. He argues that the development of scientific knowledge occurs through the change and adaptation of one paradigm over another. Scientific developments according to Kuhn are characterized by…

Eastern Europe: Revolutions of 1989


Words: 1178 (5 pages)

Eastern Europe: Revolutions of 1989 After the demise of Stalin in 1953, Khrushchev rose to power and a period of ‘de-stalinization’, also known as Khrushchev thaw, followed. There was a moderate shift toward liberalization and openness in Soviet Russia. In many countries of the Eastern Bloc, the first change that was seen was relaxing the…

“the Revolution That Failed Women”



Words: 811 (4 pages)

“The revolution that failed women” and “Association of African women for research and development” provide examples of how women reacted to their government and society. “The revolution that failed women” clearly points out that the Islamic women revolted against the government because they were being forced to wear a veil. Saying “they only need to…

Thomas Jefferson and the Revolution of 1800


Words: 310 (2 pages)

Thomas Jefferson and the Revolution of 1800 Thomas Jefferson remains one of the most important figures in all of American history. His landmark election to the Presidency in 1800 has been called “The Jeffersonian Revolution”. Now, the use of the word revolution would infer that the election yielded a great realignment and fundamental change in…

Revolution of 1800 in the United States History


Words: 697 (3 pages)

Nick Flanagan The Revolution of 1800 was monumental in the development of the United States as a nation. It proved to other nations that the republican experiment began by the revolutionary idea of independence could not only thrive, but succeed. In the fierce political battles of Adam’s term this orderly exchange of power seemed impossible…

Philippine Revolution and Jose Rizal


Words: 3350 (14 pages)

JOSE Rizal’s famous message for the youth is that the youth is fair hope of the nation. What he exactly said was the youth was “bella esperanza de la Patria mia” or “fair hope of my fatherland” (Rizal’s Poems, Centennial Edition, Manila: Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission, 1962, p. 15). He did not say that…

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What do revolutions do?
revolutions entail not only mass mobilization and regime change, but also more or less rapid and fundamental social, economic and/or cultural change, during or soon after the struggle for state power. Read More:
What is a revolution paragraph?
A revolution is a very sharp change made to something. The word comes from Latin, and is related to the word revolutio (which means a turn around). Revolutions are usually political in their nature. Some people feel unhappy with their lives, some are not happy with whole systems. Read More:
Why is the revolution important?
The American Revolution effected fundamental changes in the political and socio-economic spheres of the 13 American Colonies. It turned into an independent nation from a combination of colonial dependencies under British rule. This was indeed a fundamental change. Second, the American Revolution established a republic, with a government dedicated to the interests of ordinary people rather than the interests of kings and aristocrats. ... Today most of the world's nations are at least nominal republics due in no small way to the success of the American republic. Read More:

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