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Was The Reign Of Terror Justified

Reign of Terror


Words: 590 (3 pages)

This paper will argue that. The reign of Terror was not justifies d this claim can be supported by three main reasons the threats to the government weren’t big enough, the methods did not justify it, and the actions Of the government contradicted the ideals of the revolution. Starting off, the Reign of terror was…

Robespierre Maximilien His Reason Behind the Terror

Reign of Terror


Words: 1988 (8 pages)

Maximilien Robespierre: His Reason Behind the Terror No figure of the French Revolution has aroused so much controversy as that of Maximilien Robespierre. He is known to most people as the symbol of the Reign of Terror, a period where approximately 17,000 people died while enduring horrible prison conditions or were executed due to the…

The Terror- The End Justifies The Means

Reign of Terror


Words: 795 (4 pages)

It was 1789 and the citizens of France were fed up. They had had excessively many old ages of covering with a monarchial authorities, one ruled entirely by a male monarch. Where had this gotten them? No where good they were insolvents and the greatest per centum of the citizens was considered in the lower…

Reign of Terror: Eliminate Opposition and to Cow Citizens into Submission

Reign of Terror


Words: 372 (2 pages)

After the fall of monarchy, the French revolutionaries faced large popular insurrections and division among the people. In the early days of the revolution, many people still sided with the monarchy which brought on accusations of treason against the new republic. A new stable government was needed to end the chaos, and the Committee of…

Authoritarian Government


Reign of Terror

Words: 1990 (8 pages)

The existence of authoritarian ideology is not without justification. It is believed that authoritarianism exists “as an indictment of democracy, the alleged incompetence of democracy and the average man (qtd in Mayer 2001, p. 148)”. Samuel Huntington and Clement Moore in distinguishing between democracy and authoritarianism: ‘Democracy exists where the principal leaders of a political…

Chapter 21 Ap Euro Outline


Reign of Terror

Words: 2835 (12 pages)

The Age of Napoleon I. From Robespierre to Bonaparte a. Relatively secure after the military victories of 1793-1794, the National Convention repudiated the Terror and struck at the leading terrorists in a turnabout known as the Thermidorian reaction. During the four unsteady years of the Directory regime, French armies helped bring revolution to other parts…

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