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Socrates: “the Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living”



Words: 1944 (8 pages)

Socrates was the son of common Athenians. His father was a stone-mason/ sculptor, his mother a midwife. Socrates was also a stone-mason by trade and was to follow in his father’s footsteps. It was still yet unknown to Socrates in his early years that his ‘career’ would be that of a philosopher. It is said…

Death of Socrates Painting by Jacques-Louis David


Words: 2634 (11 pages)

In my research paper I analyze the historical picture “The Death of Socrates” (Oil on Canvas, 51” х771/4 1787, Metropolitan Museum of Art), painted by the French painter neo-classicist Jacques-Louis David. My work involves a close examination of that particular painting. David’s controversial painting depicts the last moments of life of the greatest Athenian philosopher…

Recognizing Arguments

Critical Thinking

Deductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning




Words: 1963 (8 pages)

You discovered an interesting example from Obama. You have justified your points, providing supportive reasoning behind your thoughts. You were able to link theory with practical application and real-world settings. However, remember that in an inductive argument, you cannot guarantee the conclusion. A deductive argument follows the if “this” than “that” format, so it must…

The Crito by Plato




Words: 1429 (6 pages)

The Crito Out of the many dialogues written by Plato, The Crito is one of the brief dialogues he had written which discussed an essential characteristic of state-society relationship. This dialogue served as a prologue to his greatest work – The Republic – where the covenant of the society with the state is further elaborated….

Socrates Choice in His Work “Crito”


Words: 853 (4 pages)

Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. His sentence was death, byway of drinking poison. However, prior to his execution day, a friend, Crito, offered Socrates an opportunity to flee Athens, and evade his death sentence. Socrates refused to run away, and he justified his…

Was Socrates Wise?


Words: 998 (4 pages)

Socrates, an Athenian philosopher who lived from 469 BC until his very unnecessary death in 399 BC, has had his wisdom called into question many times since he has been studied. But to know whether some is wise, we must first know what it means to be wise. According to Websters Dictionary, to be is…

Noble Lie or the Myth of the Metals


Words: 1055 (5 pages)

People are always talking about the white lie and how this kind of lying doesn’t hurt other people. Other people feel that any lie is one that should not be made. No matter what individuals have to say about lies, Socrates feels that it is necessary to create a noble lie so that his vision…

Socrates Worldview


Words: 1821 (8 pages)

Origin This question focuses on why there is something rather than nothing. Socrates uses the theory of recollection as evidence to prove his theory of creation. This theory of creation introduces that our souls have an existence before this earthly life. Socrates believes that, “…the living have come from the dead no less than the…

The Duties to the State According to Socrates: Obedience and Installation of Justice



Words: 2247 (9 pages)

The Duties to the State According to Socrates: Obedience and Installation of Justice The first obligation of the man to the state is this- obedience. Socrates through several dialogues of Plato has made this both implicit and explicit. For instance, in the Crito, Socrates says, “The just man must always obey what the city commands…

Socrates: Innocent Or Guilty


Words: 1779 (8 pages)

Living in a democracy, everyone is exposed through television and other various forms of media everyday to numerous trials by jury. Usually they are rarely given a second thought, but every once in a while along comes a specific trial which captures the attention of the entire country. This goes the same for trials throughout…

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