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Socrates: Innocent Or Guilty


Words: 1779 (8 pages)

Living in a democracy, everyone is exposed through television and other various forms of media everyday to numerous trials by jury. Usually they are rarely given a second thought, but every once in a while along comes a specific trial which captures the attention of the entire country. This goes the same for trials throughout…

Research Related To Socratic And Plato’s Insights



Words: 1167 (5 pages)

Socratic insight alludes into Socrates’ comprehension of the points of confinement of Socrates insight in that he just realizes what he knows and makes no supposition of knowing much else or less. The prophet’s reaction is that no human was shrewder than himself which left him stupefied, so he set out on a journey to…

Socrates Worldview


Words: 1821 (8 pages)

Origin This question focuses on why there is something rather than nothing. Socrates uses the theory of recollection as evidence to prove his theory of creation. This theory of creation introduces that our souls have an existence before this earthly life. Socrates believes that, “…the living have come from the dead no less than the…

Socrates Choice in His Work “Crito”


Words: 853 (4 pages)

Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. His sentence was death, byway of drinking poison. However, prior to his execution day, a friend, Crito, offered Socrates an opportunity to flee Athens, and evade his death sentence. Socrates refused to run away, and he justified his…

Was Socrates Wise?


Words: 998 (4 pages)

Socrates, an Athenian philosopher who lived from 469 BC until his very unnecessary death in 399 BC, has had his wisdom called into question many times since he has been studied. But to know whether some is wise, we must first know what it means to be wise. According to Websters Dictionary, to be is…

Noble Lie or the Myth of the Metals


Words: 1055 (5 pages)

People are always talking about the white lie and how this kind of lying doesn’t hurt other people. Other people feel that any lie is one that should not be made. No matter what individuals have to say about lies, Socrates feels that it is necessary to create a noble lie so that his vision…

Analysis of Behavior of Socrates Dog


Words: 549 (3 pages)

Many things affect people and how they behave based on genetics and what type of environment they are raised in. Part of a person or animal’s behavior stems from behaviors which are innate or what they are exposed to in life. Socrates is a dog who has a unique mutation where he also possesses human…

Plato’s Socrates and Sophocle’s Antigone – Similarities


Words: 1700 (7 pages)

The ancient Greek societies had a strong corrective method to maintain order. Authorities had to maintain a self-survival attitude, which consisted of putting away those few that could challenge their power and create chaos. Both Antigone of Sophocles and Socrates of Plato are examples of threat to the socio-political order or their respective societies. Antigone…

Socrates Short Essay


Words: 670 (3 pages)

Socrates, as known by Renault, was a beautiful creature. Not physically beautiful, but internally and fundamentally beautiful. It was he who said: When you assume the show of any virtue, you open a credit account, which one day you will have to meet or go broke (pp. 398). According to Renault, Socrates taught children free…

Defense of Socrates by Plato


Words: 588 (3 pages)

Plato’s “Defense of Socrates” follows the trial of Socrates for charges of corruption of the youth. His accuser, Meletus, claims he is doing so by teaching the youth of Athens of a separate spirituality from that which was widely accepted. Socrates’ argument was unique in that he tried to convince the jury he was just…

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What is self for Socrates essay?
The perception of the self, according to Socrates explains the nature of man and the rationale on which man thinks. Socrates believed that, man is a product of his thoughts. Socrates questioned the way we attach importance to what people say without understanding the principle of individual thinking. Read More:
What is the main idea of Socrates philosophy?
Philosophy. Socrates believed that philosophy should achieve practical results for the greater well-being of society. He attempted to establish an ethical system based on human reason rather than theological doctrine. Socrates pointed out that human choice was motivated by the desire for happiness.

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