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Socrates Worldview


Words: 1821 (8 pages)

Origin This question focuses on why there is something rather than nothing. Socrates uses the theory of recollection as evidence to prove his theory of creation. This theory of creation introduces that our souls have an existence before this earthly life. Socrates believes that, “…the living have come from the dead no less than the…

Noble Lie or the Myth of the Metals


Words: 863 (4 pages)

There is constant discussion about the concept of a white lie and its perceived lack of harm towards others. However, some believe that any form of deception should be avoided. Regardless of varying opinions on the matter, Socrates argues that it is essential to fabricate a noble lie in order to establish his vision of…

Plato’s Socrates and Sophocle’s Antigone – Similarities


Words: 1700 (7 pages)

The ancient Greek societies had a strong corrective method to maintain order. Authorities had to maintain a self-survival attitude, which consisted of putting away those few that could challenge their power and create chaos. Both Antigone of Sophocles and Socrates of Plato are examples of threat to the socio-political order or their respective societies. Antigone…

Plato and Socrates Anthology


Words: 979 (4 pages)

Socrates Anthology and Plato Plato: I: Apology 1. What are the charges brought against Socrates by his Athenian accusers and what is his reply concerning the sort of wisdom he in fact possesses? The charges that were brought against Socrates were corrupting the young and Impiety. Socrates says “If you ask me what kind of…

Were the Accusations against Socrates Justified?


Words: 1822 (8 pages)

Abstract Socrates was a martyr. He died on account of the belief that he embraced. But history no less attests to his innocence. It was known that Socrates was accused of three crimes: impiety, contempt for the gods and corrupting the minds of the Athenian youth. Yet in a careful analysis, the accusations are said…

A Take on the Pericles’ and Socrates’ Views on Athenian Society


Words: 867 (4 pages)

Athens, a significant city-state in Greek history, served as a prominent hub for cultural and intellectual progress and was renowned for its philosophers. Notably, Socrates and Pericles were two philosophers with contrasting viewpoints regarding the city-state and its inhabitants. Pericles expressed his admiration for the Athenian citizens during a funeral ceremony held amidst the initial…

The Apology of Socrates


Words: 603 (3 pages)

            In the broadest context tradition can hold, the works of Socrates doubtlessly laid the key concepts of the western philosophical spectrum.  However, the acclaimed philosophers’ defense against accusations thrown at him simply entitled Apology, links the otherwise separated domains of literature and philosophy.  Apology begins with Socrates’ message of intent that his apology will…

Socrates and Galileo: victims of authoritarinism


Words: 569 (3 pages)

The emergence of scientific thought as a challenge to other forms of established thinking was the result of its rationalization by Francis Bacon followed by Galileo generally around the same time in the 17th Century. Galileo was vocal in his condemnation of ideas not based on observation of reality. The Roman Catholic Church predominant in…

Research Related To Socratic And Plato’s Insights



Words: 1167 (5 pages)

Socratic insight alludes into Socrates’ comprehension of the points of confinement of Socrates insight in that he just realizes what he knows and makes no supposition of knowing much else or less. The prophet’s reaction is that no human was shrewder than himself which left him stupefied, so he set out on a journey to…

Death of Socrates Painting by Jacques-Louis David Analysis


Words: 2634 (11 pages)

In my research paper I analyze the historical picture “The Death of Socrates” (Oil on Canvas, 51” х771/4 1787, Metropolitan Museum of Art), painted by the French painter neo-classicist Jacques-Louis David. My work involves a close examination of that particular painting. David’s controversial painting depicts the last moments of life of the greatest Athenian philosopher…

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